The Applicant Tracking System’s Significance in the Hiring Process

Significance of Application Tracking System

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The cornerstone of success for any organisation, regardless of its location or industry, lies in having a robust team capable of navigating the challenges of the modern world. The right teams with the right people will help you achieve your organisational goals set for the financial years to come. It is definitely not easy to put together such a high functioning team while navigating the challenges of diverse cultures, locations, and, well, the list goes on. Hence, talent acquisition teams are forever on the hunt for those individuals who make a good fit. 

So here is where we introduce SmoothHiring to you! Let us talk about our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and get you interested in it.

ATS is an indispensable tool for any organisation by incorporating many functions such as  Job posting, Automated screening, Workflow management, Database management, Communication, Customization and Analytics. Irrespective of your organisation’s size and capacity, SmoothHiring’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help you manage everything. Let us tell you how.

Attract top candidates

It all starts with attracting qualified candidates and in order to connect with such candidates, you need to cast your net wide enough and on the right channels. Did we tell you that with SmoothHiring, you can post to 200+ job boards with a single click?

Screening applicants

Talent professionals are increasingly recognizing the significance of gaining deeper visibility into the diverse skill sets and career aspirations of a candidate. By delving into these aspects, teams can better grasp the profiles of ideal candidates for internal career progression opportunities. However, it is practically impossible to screen and assess every candidate so diligently.
Facilitate this key strategy by choosing SmoothHiring, which automates the screening, assessment, scoring, and ranking of applicants. 

Build and Manage Talent pool

Using an ATS streamlines talent sourcing by proactively building and managing a pool of candidates. Over time, it accumulates candidate data, enabling you to assess qualifications and skills. Don’t overlook highly skilled candidates; store their information in the ATS for future roles. This approach enhances your ability to find ideal applicants.

 Efficiently manage and automate the recruitment process

Gain a competitive edge in attracting top talent, reducing time-to-hire, and ultimately driving business success with SmoothHiring. Our platform eliminates tedious manual tasks. Our Automated system can send out confirmation emails, schedule interviews, and provide feedback to candidates, keeping them informed and engaged at every step of the process. We just saved you a day’s work while you read this!

Enhanced and Efficient experience for the candidate and Hiring team

Who doesn’t appreciate transparent communication, process and experience? Well, everybody does! 

From the candidate’s viewpoint, an improved experience involves user-friendly application portals, personalized communication, and prompt feedback. Transparent communication about application status and realistic decision timelines builds trust and fosters engagement.

When it comes to the hiring team, efficient task management is vital to handling large applicant volumes while upholding quality standards. SmoothHiring helps to automate tasks, streamline applicant screening, and foster collaboration. Customizable workflows and data-driven insights empower recruiters to prioritize top candidates and make swift, informed decisions.

Holistically, SmoothHiring facilitates an intuitive and streamlined process for both the candidate and the hiring team.

Enhancing employee onboarding and integration

Enhancing employee onboarding and integration involves creating a seamless process for new hires to transition into their roles smoothly and become productive team members. It includes providing comprehensive orientation, setting clear expectations, offering personalized onboarding plans, integrating technology effectively, facilitating feedback and check-ins, promoting social integration, and continuously improving the process based on feedback. By prioritizing these elements, organizations can improve employee satisfaction, performance, and retention.

Let us talk about David.

Picture David as the candidate applying for a job. He submits his application online and promptly receives an acknowledgment, confirming that his application went through. As the hiring team assesses applications, SmoothHiring sorts and ranks candidates based on qualifications. David receives an interview invitation via SmoothHiring, and his feedback from the interview is recorded within the system. When the offer is extended, David gets it electronically, and any negotiations are managed seamlessly. Once David accepts, the onboarding process commences within SmoothHiring, which guides him through paperwork and tasks effortlessly. Throughout this journey, SmoothHiring ensures efficiency, reduces errors, and keeps David informed at every stage.

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