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Experience the ease of onboarding new team members seamlessly with SmoothHiring. No one has time for boring paperwork! We ensure every new hire feels supported and ready to contribute effectively from day one.

Seamlessly transit employees into their roles.
E-documents Management.
Employee Self Service.
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Onboarding Process
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Onboard faster using a robust all in one hiring platform

Onboard new hires
Onboard New Hires with Ease

Easily Onboard New Hires

Experience a paradigm shift in onboarding with SmoothHiring – your gateway to a cutting-edge solution that transcends traditional processes. We don’t just handle paperwork; we craft a seamless transition for your employees into their roles, unlocking their full potential from day one.

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Manage Employee Information:


Get more done with an Easy to Use Interface

Smoothhiring helps you quickly find, hire, and onboard the best Candidates. Using our powerful onboarding platform, create a compelling candidate experience:

    • Easily On Board New Hires
    • Setup E-offer letters
    • Automate tasks
    • Offboarding
    • Securely Store, Manage, Customize Employee Information, using E-Documents.
    • Avoid, the tedious  and erroneous paper based documentation.
Employee Engagement from Day One:

A well-orchestrated onboarding process sets the stage for engaged and productive employees. SmoothHiring ensures that new hires feel welcomed, understand the company culture, and grasp the specifics of their roles from day one. Let them breeze through administrative tasks, such as document signing and contact info updates, allowing them to focus on what matters – starting their work.

E-Documents Management:

Streamline the paperwork process for your new hires with SmoothHiring’s e-document management system. Effortlessly handle onboarding paperwork, contracts, and other essential documents digitally, reducing administrative overhead and creating a paperless onboarding experience for your employees.

Effortless Template Creation:

Say goodbye to time-consuming template creation. With SmoothHiring, you can craft onboarding templates in minutes and effortlessly apply them to different locations or departments. Stay prepared for each new hire, ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

Customized Onboarding Experiences:

Recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all, SmoothHiring allows you to customize the onboarding experience based on roles, locations, or departments. Collect relevant documents, share specific team information, and ensure a personalized welcome for every new hire.

Well Informed Dashboard:

Track the progress of each onboarding journey with ease. SmoothHiring provides comprehensive onboarding dashboards, offering real-time insights into the status of each new hire. From start to finish, everyone in the HR team stays on the same page.

Centralized Onboarding Portal

No more scattered emails, documents, or videos. SmoothHiring introduces a centralized onboarding portal, serving as the ultimate “home base” for new hires. Here, candidates can effortlessly access and complete all onboarding steps like: Company videos and personalized welcome messages E-signature documents Employee profiles with personal details

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