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  • What is SmoothHiring and How does it work?

    1. What is SmoothHiring?

    Built on Data Science and Predictive analytics, SmoothHiring is an end to end hiring solution built for SMB's: From posting jobs to onboarding new hires.

    2.How does it work?

    With one Click, SmoothHiring broadcasts your jobs to 100+ job boards!
    As Candidates apply, SmoothHiring intelligently screens, analyze, Rank and Score applicants, using patented predictive analytics software thus identifying the best employee for the job. No more sifting through piles of resumes!

    3. What does Smoothhiring offer?

    ✔ With one Click, post your job to 100 + Job boards!
    ✔ Intelligently Filter, Assess, Rank and Score Applicants.
    ✔ Gain insights with Predictive analytics software.
    ✔ Find the best matching candidate, using data.
    ✔Build and Manage Hiring Pipelines.
    ✔Seamless Collaboration
    ✔ Easy interview Scheduling
    ✔ Automate hiring and Onboarding
    ✔ And Many more to, make hiring a breeze!

    4.  Is it Difficult to Use?

    No. SmoothHiring is cloud based.

    So it can be accessed and used from anywhere, over the web. No installation is required. 

    5.  Which Industries does SmoothHiring support?

    Our Platform is not limited to an industry.

    SmoothHiring Supports all Industries. Smoothhiring is built for  any SMB's , looking to hire top performers and need a robust all in one hire solution

  • Will I be charged for creating an account?

    No, it is free to create an account – you are not charged until you decide to post a job with us.

  • Do you offer Discounts?

    Yes – if you purchase a bundle of two or more job postings, we offer discounted pricing. The more job postings you purchase, the more you save. When you purchase a bundle, you don’t have to use all your job postings right away – they can be added as credits in your account, to be used at a later date.If you would like to purchase a bundle, please give us a call at 1-877-789-8767, or email us at

  • Does SmoothHiring charge for every person I hire?

    No – we charge you per job posted, per 30 day period. When you post a job, you can hire as many people as you want who apply to the position.

  • What do I receive for each applicant?

    For every candidate who applies, you will receive their Hiring Guide. This includes:

    • A finger Print  showing Assessment Scores(based on behavior survey results)
    • Their resume
    • Customized interview questions based on their lowest scores
  • How are candidates ranked?

    A candidate’s Fit score is determined based on their survey results and their answers to any prescreening questions you set. There are four different scores:

    • Strong Fit: Candidates meet or exceed at least 18/20 traits (including all 5 Critical Traits), and all minimum skill and experience requirements
    • Fit: Candidates meet or exceed at least 14/20 traits (including at least 3 Critical Traits), and all minimum skill and experience requirements
    • Weak Fit: Candidates don’t meet 14/20 traits, 3 Critical Traits, and/or don’t meet all minimum skill and experience requirements
    • Distortion: The candidate’s survey results are inconclusive, either because they answered inconsistently or dishonesty. They will have the chance to take the survey one more time.
  • What is a Critical Trait??

    These are the traits that are the most important to success in the position. These are marked by black diamonds and are given more weight than other traits when calculating a candidate’s Fit score.

  • How long do I have access to my applicants?

    Forever – all past applicants are stored in your account under Expired Jobs.

  • Do I receive email notification of new candidates?

    Yes – the Hiring Manager will receive an email every time there is a new Strong Fit, and once every 24 hours notifying them of all new candidates from that day.

  • How can I filter applicants to have specific qualifications?

    Easily setup Unique screening questions based on the information you provide in the Job Description

    Any education, qualifications or skills that you mark as ‘Must Have’ or ‘Important’ will be asked as prescreening questions during the application process. If an applicant does not have one or more of these qualifications, it will affect their Fit score.

  • Can I add my hiring team to the company account?

    yes!. Click the ‘Settings’ button in the top right corner, and then click the ‘Access Levels’ tab. Click the ‘Add New User’ button, and enter the information for the person you’d like to add to the account. You’ll also need to assign them an access level: Administrator, Recruiter, Hiring Manager or Observer.There can be only one Owner of the account

  • How does Smoothhiring handle my Data and privacy?

    Smoothhiring applies strict security measures, ensuring that your data is protected and secure in our system.

  • I have an issue with my account.Can I get support?

    Yes, Simply or call us Toll free at 1877 789 8767. Our Customer Support team is available for help during our business hours. we have a dedicated support team to help you right away with any non technical/ technical support and keep you going.

  • Can I cancel my account at anytime?

    Yes, You can cancel and close your account anytime. Simply email us at or  Call us Toll free :1 877 789 8767.

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