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Effortlessly manage and automate hiring from start to finish with our intuitive applicant tracking system. Stay organized, make informed decisions, and streamline your hiring process with ease!

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What is an Applicant Tracking System?


An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a type of software used by hiring managers and recruiters to streamline the hiring process. It acts as a database with an intuitive interface where recruiters and hiring managers can gather, analyze, manage, and store applicant information. Our tool helps make the hiring process more efficient and effective.

Application Tracking System
Manage Candidates

Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System


Organize your hiring workflow seamlessly. About 70% of companies use an applicant tracking system for their hiring process.

SmoothHiring's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) offers a range of tools that make it easy to manage candidates. From maintaining candidate profiles and candidate pools to automating the hiring process through bulk actions and tags, our ATS has everything you need to track candidates seamlessly. With unlimited hiring pipelines, you can speed up the hiring process and efficiently manage large volumes of job applications. Find qualified candidates for open positions hassle-free!

SmoothHiring-An Efficient Applicant tracking for your business!

SmoothHiring revolutionizes your hiring process with our comprehensive tracking system. Easily manage and monitor every stage of the applicant journey, beginning from submitting their application to the final hiring decision. Our intuitive interface provides detailed insights into each candidate, including their application status, qualifications, and communication history
Post to Many Job boards
Post to Many Job boards

Boost your job and find more candidates. Reach applicants across 200+ job boards, including premier platforms like Monster, LinkedIn, Indeed, and CareerBuilder and many more. Prioritize your job postings with SmoothHiring's sponsorship feature to get more applicants!

Custom Hiring Pipelines
Custom Hiring Pipelines

Maintain, track and neatly organizes all applicant in hiring pipelines. Add comments and notes throughout the hiring process. Update hiring stages and organize applicants to simplify the hiring process for your company.

Schedule Interviews Easily
Schedule Interviews Easily

Our scheduling feature helps you coordinate interview times, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails and phone calls. Focus your time and energy on engaging with candidates, knowing that our system has you covered every step of the way.

Collaborate Seamlessly
Collaborate Seamlessly

Effortlessly coordinate with hiring managers. Our platform enables smooth collaboration, between teams allowing to share and assign tasks and feedback, and manage access levels with ease. It ensures everyone is aligned and empowered to contribute effectively.

Intuitive Dashboard
Intuitive Dashboard

Our hiring software offers an intuitive dashboard that simplifies your hiring tasks. With a clean and easy-to-use interface, effortlessly manage candidate profiles, job listings, and track progress. get clear insights and metrics, to make informed decisions.

Employer branding
Employer branding

Our platform offers career page templates that enable employers to create informative pages that align with their brand identity. At SmoothHiring, we understand the significance of branding, and a well crafted career page in attracting top talent .

Simple and Easy Interface
Simple and Easy Interface

Instantly identify top candidates for your job with our behavioral assessment. Our patented behavioral assessment highlights those best suited for the role, saving you time and effort. No more sifting through resumes!

Quick and Easy to Setup
Quick and Easy to Setup

It's very easy. Set up in no time and start hiring. Just follow a few easy steps, click a few boxes, and watch the candidates start rolling in. Our dedicated account managers are here to help you set up your account in no time, if needed.

Hiring Coach
Hiring Coach

The Hiring Coach feature offered by SmoothHiring is your personalized guide to help you through your hiring process and making strategic hiring decisions. Think of it as having a seasoned hiring expert by your side, providing tailored advice and best practices at every step of hiring.


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Some of Our Happy Customers

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"I'm excited I'll always have a way to find fantastic team members! "

Ianthe Mauro

Owner at Objects with Purpose

"SmoothHiring is a great asset we've come to trust and use every time Medallion Capital Group is looking to grow the team. The high quality of candidates that's presented to us has lead to our latest 3 stellar hires. As a hiring manager, the detailed analysis provided for each candidate is a big time saver."

Carmen Puopolo

OLCM Director Of Sales Operations & Business Development

“I just wish I would have found SmoothHiring before I paid a recruiter thousands of dollars for a candidate that was hired – and doesn’t work here any longer. I’ve hired 10 employees now with SmoothHiring, at a fraction of the cost, and they are all still here.”

-Shari Missman Miller

Business Manager at NogginLabs, Inc.

"SmoothHiring has almost become part of our culture!"

Heather Gingerich

Director of Employee, Community Engagement at Peoplecare Inc.


  • What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

    Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software tool utilized by recruiters and hiring managers throughout the hiring process: from posting jobs, management and organization of candidate data, candidate interactions, scheduling of interviews, gathering notes, and offering the job. ATS software streamlines the hiring process, making it more efficient and effective for both the employer and the candidates.

  • Why do employers use applicant tracking system (ATS)?

    Employers use applicant tracking system (ATS) to save time and effort by automating recruitment process. Applicant tracking system (ATS) helps with managing job applications and Candidates, effectively, throughout the hiring stages.

    Applicant tracking system(ATS) also helps with informed hiring decisions, by providing reports and analytics, on candidates

  • What does an application tracking system do?

    An application that supports companies in managing their hiring process is called an application tracking system(ATS). by utilizing an applicant tracking system, the hiring process will be enhanced. HR and recruitment teams can save time by using it to gather, monitor, and evaluate job applications automatically.

  • What features does SmoothHiring Applicant Tracking System(ATS) offer?

    SmoothHiring offers a full suite of ATS tools to make hiring a breeze.

    • Job Posting: Easily post employment opportunities to various job boards and social media sites.
    • Resume management involves tracking and organizing applicant materials in a central database.
    • Interview Scheduling: Organise and manage applicant interviews, with automatic follow-ups.
    • Candidate Assessment: Use scorecards and modifiable criteria to assess candidates.
    • Analytics & Reporting: Produce reports and analytics to monitor important hiring signals
    • Integration: For a smooth hiring process, integrate with other HR tools and systems. and enhance acquisition methods.
  • Is SmoothHiring ATS easy to use?

    Absolutely! SmoothHiring ATS is very user-friendly and easy to use. Its intuitive dashboard is easy to navigate, and you can easily work through the platform. You can be up and running with no learning curve!

  • Is the ATS a candidate database?

    An applicant tracking system (ATS) usually has a database for managing and storing applications, candidate data, and other pertinent hiring-related information.

  • Do applicant tracking systems read all formats of documents

    Text files, Word documents, PDFs, and other document types may all be read and processed by the majority of contemporary applicant tracking systems (ATS). To make sure the ATS is compatible with the formats you require, it's important to review its technical capabilities.

  • How does ATS(Applicant Tracking System) work with AI in the hiring?

    AI integration with an applicant tracking system (ATS) can enhance the efficacy and efficiency of the hiring process.

  • Do I have to pay for using Application Tracking System?

    No, you will not pay additional cost for using our ATS. Its included in the software


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