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Predictive Analytics


People Decisions are Challenging

Virtually all companies have the same challenge — there are always some people that outperform others. What if you had a way to tap into the full potential of your current and new employees?

The Trillion $ Question

Why do people who look similar on paper and who have been hired, onboarded, coached and trained the same way perform so differently?

An Incomplete Picture

If you believe that the information you’ve been able to gather isn’t enough to make the best possible decisions, you’re right. Most information about people is related to what someone does or has done, a type of data known as WHAT data. But WHAT data is not enough.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Market leaders are significantly enhancing  their personnel choices by integrating their ‘WHAT data’ with a novel category ‘WHY’ data. ‘WHY’ data is objective data about an individuals' traits, motivations, and capacities. Somebody’s ‘WHY’ data tells you whether or not they belong in your organization. With comprehensive ‘WHY’ data on every member of your company, you’ll be able to harness the full value of your biggest asset—your workforce.


Discover Winning Traits Instantly!

SmoothHiring's cloud-based predictive analytics platform gives you the WHY data you need to make the best possible people decisions.

PREDICTIVE –  SmoothHiring was built from 50 years of research, and has a proprietary database of over 1 million users from over 25,000 jobs and 4,000 companies across 100+ industries and uses patented algorithms that predict job success.

EASY TO START AND SCALE – What matters to you is that SmoothHiring easily scales so that your entire company will be up and running to leverage all that power in just 15 minutes.

INSTANT INSIGHTS – Instantly answer tough questions and get detailed data and actionable insights to help optimize hiring, performance management, promotion, development, career-pathing, and much more.

IMPROVED ROI – Discover the true drivers of top performance to improve results, reduce turnover, and strengthen your company’s culture.

Unlock Hiring Success with Predictive Analytics​

Predictive Analytics Platform

Unravel Personality Traits

SmoothHiring's Predictive Analytics provides a subtle analysis of applicants' personality traits. Gain profound insights that go far beyond what resumes reveal.No more guesswork.

Know Key Performance Metrics

Pinpoint the attributes that distinguish top candidates for the job. Our analytics help you focus on the qualities that truly matter, leading to a productive workforce.

Precision in Job Fit

Forge connections between applicants and job roles with unparalleled accuracy. SmoothHiring highlights candidates that match the job requirements, fostering a match made in professional heaven.

Elevate Retention Rates

By identifying candidates with attributes conducive to success, SmoothHiring inadvertently contributes to higher retention rates. Foster a stable and engaged workforce that's in it for the long haul.

Predict Success

Harness the power of predictive analytics to forecast an applicant's potential success within your organization. Make decisions driven by data, setting the stage for a successful hire.

Steer Clear of Bad Hires

SmoothHiring's analytics serve as a safeguard against potential misalignments. Avoid hires that may not contribute positively to your team dynamics or organizational goals.

Grow Winning Teams

SmoothHiring’s patented technology captures your most productive employees’ winning attributes and sets them as a benchmark for new hires. Use the benchmark data to hire more productive employees.

Empower Employees

Illuminate clear career pathways within the organization. Make informed decisions for career progression, team building, and strategic hiring. Furnish leaders with a profound understanding of the success factors propelling top performers.

Cost-Effective Hiring

Eliminate the financial toll of bad hires with our efficient analytics. SmoothHiring ensures your resources are channelized wisely, delivering a cost-effective and impactful hiring process.

Future-Ready Recruitment

SmoothHiring places you at the forefront of recruitment innovation with predictive analytics. Stay ahead in identifying top talent and cultivate a workforce that not only meets but exceeds future challenges.

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  • Why do we need predictive analytics while hiring candidates?

    By providing insightful data on the performance and potential of candidates, predictive analytics in hiring can greatly enhance the hiring process. Predictive analytics can assist in identifying high-achieving applicants and evaluating their chances of success in a position.. Recruiters and hiring managers can use this information to reduce efforts, make better decisions, and select the most qualified applicants for open positions.

  • What kinds of data are utilized in hiring prediction?

    In hiring prediction, several data sources are used to evaluate candidates' qualifications, skills, and potential fit for open positions. This consists of standard information from applications, resumes, and interviews that spotlight a candidate's training, professional background, and credentials. Furthermore, behavioral information obtained through tests can provide a more comprehensive picture of a candidate's likelihood of succeeding in a specific position.

  • How accurate is the SmoothHiring prediction tool in forecasting hiring needs?

    Predictive analytics can greatly enhance hiring since it offers insightful data on the performance and potential of candidates. Predictive analytics can be used to find high-achieving applicants, and even estimate them in a certain role by looking at past data and trends. With the use of this data, hiring managers and recruiters may reduce bias, make better decisions, and select the most qualified applicants for open positions. Furthermore, by concentrating efforts on applicants who have the highest chance of succeeding, predictive analytics can expedite the hiring process and save time and money. This will increase the recruitment process's overall efficacy and efficiency.

  • How to secure employer hiring data with SmoothHiring's predictive analytics technology

    In order to protect employer hiring data using SmoothHiring's predictive analytics technology, make sure the platform complies with privacy regulations. Implement restrictive access controls and authentication procedures, carry out frequent security audits, use reliable encryption techniques for data transfer and storage, and give staff members thorough training on data security best practices. To further safeguard sensitive data, think about utilizing anonymization or pseudonymization techniques. Additionally, maintain software and security system updates to minimize potential risks.

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