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Finding Right Candidates to Onboarding

Hire faster using a robust all-in-one hiring platform

Find More Candidates

Post to Many Job Boards

Reach millions of job applicants by advertising automatically on 200+ job boards and social media. One click is all it takes. As an added bonus, you pay less than if you did it yourself! Increase your applicant reach with SmoothHiring today!!

Application Tracking System

Assess and Evaluate

Automatically Screen, Assess, Score and Rank Applicants

Leverage the features of our patented software, crafted with data science and predictive analytics, to assess, score, and rank applicants. Instantly identify applicants and hire the best fit.

Manage and Automate Hiring

Streamline, Manage and Automate Hiring

Provide intuitive and collaborative experiences for everyone—hiring managers, recruiters, prospects and candidates. Eliminate tedious manual tasks with our automation. Save time and effort.

SmoothHiring is loved and trusted by thousands!

Predictive Hiring Platform

Using data science and predictive analytics, SmoothHiring instantly identifies the winning attributes of applicants based on the below metrics:

  • Skills, Education and experience.
  • A patented pyschometric assessment.
  • Competency Alignment Score.
  • Personality Fit Quotient.
  • Make Informed Hiring decisions

    • Hire the Best fit for the job

    • Increase Productivity

    • Reduce Turnover

    • Replicate Top Performers

    • Develop Workforce

    One-Stop Hiring Solution

    SmoothHiring: Get Better Results

    • SmoothHiring eliminates opinions and/or guesswork when making critical hiring decisions.
    • SmoothHiring uses data analytics and predictive science to inform hiring decisions, resulting in successful hires.
    • SmoothHiring's patented technology captures key attributes of productive employees to create a high-performing workforce.
    Predict Successful Employees-Avoid Bad hires

    SmoothHiring’s patented job-fit technology instantly identifies which applicants match your needs. Predict successful employees faster than sorting through resumes.

    Replicate Top performers-Boost Productivity

    Capture your most productive employees’ winning attributes and set them as a benchmark for new hires. Replicate top performers and boost productivity.

    Develop Workforce

    Get instant comparisons of employees against all positions in your organization to see which growth opportunities are aligned with their potential.

    Uncover Leadership Potential

    Objectively identify who within your organization has the potential to be a future manager or leader.

    Hiring needs

    The Hiring Solution that Predicts Job Success

    Our patented platform uses cutting-edge data analytics and scientific methods to instantly provide deep insights into job seekers. By effortlessly matching candidates with the perfect fit, we save time and effort for recruiters, ensuring better hiring decisions and staying ahead in today's competitive landscape.

    Post to Multiple Job Boards with One Click

    Create your account, and in a few minutes, post jobs to 200+ job boards! Get candidates quickly with our sponsored job feature - allowing your job to be the priority on many premium job boards.

    Automatically Screen and Get the Best Candidates to the Top of the Pile

    Intelligently screens applicants for deeper insights using our patented psychometric evaluation. Analyze, Rank, and Sort Applicants to determine the best fit—Trust SmoothHiring for smarter hiring practices that blend efficiency with precision.

    Effortlessly Schedule Interviews

    Our intuitive platform effortlessly coordinates availability, eliminating scheduling headaches and saving your precious time to focus on more important tasks. Say goodbye to the frustration of managing calendars manually.

    Quickly Onboard Employees

    Simplify the onboarding process by setting up new hires through e-paperwork, training, and company culture integration. Say hello to smoother transitions and happier teams!

    Summary Steps

    Why Companies Choose SmoothHiring?

    Predictive analytics

    SmoothHiring's Predictive Analytics envisions hiring success through the synergy of science and data analytics.

    Intuitive and easy

    Your hiring team as well as applicants can adapt easily. Our friendly and simple interface makes it easy for everyone.

    World-Class support

    We have a dedicated support team to assist with any issues. Our team goes the extra mile to make sure your hiring is successful.

    Easy integrations

    Seamlessly integrates with many of your existing business applications. Automate workflows and sync your data.

    Application Tracking System

    Data Driven Hiring Software for Small and Medium Businesses

    • With our patented predictive analytics technology, harness the power of data science to identify the winning attributes of applicants.

    • Analyzing key metrics, our technology provides insights into candidate fit, enhancing the hiring process, and ensuring you can easily find the perfect fit for your team.

    • Increase employee productivity and grow the business by finding the right candidate.

    Watch how SmoothHiring can benefit your business!

    SmoothHiring can service all your Hiring needs

    Some of Our Happy Customers

    See what our customers have to say!

    I'm excited I'll always have a way to find fantastic team members! 

    Ianthe Mauro

    Owner at Objects with Purpose

    SmoothHiring is a great asset we've come to trust and use every time Medallion Capital Group is looking to grow the team. The high quality of candidates that's presented to us has lead to our latest 3 stellar hires. As a hiring manager, the detailed analysis provided for each candidate is a big time saver.

    Carmen Puopolo

    OLCM Director Of Sales Operations & Business Development

    “I just wish I would have found SmoothHiring before I paid a recruiter thousands of dollars for a candidate that was hired – and doesn’t work here any longer. I’ve hired 10 employees now with SmoothHiring, at a fraction of the cost, and they are all still here.”

    -Shari Missman Miller

    Business Manager at NogginLabs, Inc.

    SmoothHiring has almost become part of our culture!

    Heather Gingerich

    Director of Employee, Community Engagement at Peoplecare Inc.


    • Getting started with SmoothHiring

      Simple! Just sign up using

    • Will I be charged for creating an account?

      No, it is free to create an account; you are not charged until you decide to post a job with us.

    • How long is my posting on the job boards?

      All job postings will be active on the job boards for 30 days.

    • Do you offer discounts?

      Yes – if you purchase a bundle of two or more job postings, we offer discounted pricing. The more job postings you purchase, the more you save. When you purchase a bundle, you don’t have to use all your job postings right away – they can be added as credits in your account, to be used at a later date.If you would like to purchase a bundle, please give us a call at 1-877-789-8767, or email us at

    • Does SmoothHiring charge for every person I hire?

      No – we charge you per job posted, per 30 day period. When you post a job, you can hire as many people as you want who apply to the position.

    • How long do I have access to my applicants?

      Forever – all past applicants are stored in your account under Expired Jobs.

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