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Reach More Applicants and Hire the Best Employees

Boost your Job to reach more applicants by broadcasting to all the Job Boards and Social Media. Hire the best fit for the job

✔ Broadcast to top Job boards
✔ Post to Social Media
✔ Reach 5 X More Applicants
✔ Assess Applicants
✔ Find the Best Fit
✔ Hire Top Performers
✔ Boost Productivity

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Instantly Identify Winning Attributes Among Applicants

Using Predictive Analytics, Identify motivated individuals with a desire to succeed.

✔ Gain Insights into Personality traits
✔ Find Winning Attributes
✔ Find the right fit for the Job
✔ Predict Successful Employees
✔ Avoid Bad Hires
✔ Boost Retention
✔ Reduce Hiring costs
✔ Grow Winning Teams

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Automate Hiring

Make your candidate screening process quicker and easier. With seamless collaborations and integrations make your hiring a breeze.

✔ Automatically Post to Top Job Boards
✔ Job Description Wizard/Templates
✔ Reach Job Seekers Instantly
✔ Schedule Interviews
✔ Guided Interview Questions.
✔ Background Checks
✔ Employment Verifications

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Boost Your Job and Find More Candidates

Boost your Applicant reach. Get your job to millions of Applicants with one click.Smoothhiring automatically broadcasts your Job to 100+ Job Boards plus Social Media sites.

Assess and Rank Applicants

Automatically screen every applicant with our patented software, bringing the best candidates to the top of your pile (no more sifting through resumes!)

Automate Hiring and Save Time

No more Tedious Manual tasks. Smoothhiring Automates Hiring Process to make your Hiring a Breeze and saves time.

Automate Job Postings to 100+ Job Boards

SmoothHiring’s network automatically broadcasts your job description to many top job boards. This increases the number of candidates applying for your job. One click is all it takes. Bonus is you pay less than doing it yourself.

Assess and Rank Top Applicants

SmoothHiring’s patented job-fit technology instantly identifies which applicants match your needs. Just look for the big green checkmarks. It’s predicting success faster than sorting through resumes

Grow your team

Capture Productive employee's winning attributes and Set the BenchMark for New Hires.

SmoothHiring’s patented technology captures your most productive employees’ winning attributes and sets them as a benchmark for new hires. It makes it easier to fill any role, on any team. more




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