How Applicant Tracking System(ATS) Help with Hiring Costs

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An Applicant tracking system (ATS) is designed to help make the task of recruiting the best candidates simpler than it has been in the past. With SmoothHiring, our application benefits from predictive analytics that help businesses like yours discover the best candidates on the first try. 

Predictive analytics is a set of business intelligence that discovers patterns and relationships within large data sets, allowing our software to predict candidate behavior. In essence, with predictive analytics, your company can look to the future rather than relying on past events and experiences to guess who the best candidates might be.

Why Applicant Tracking Software Exists

Applicant Tracking software has been helping companies find the right employee or employees since the 1970s. However, it was only in the 1980s that the software gained the ability to parse resumes and other advanced features. Since then, this category of software has continued to evolve, gaining features and abilities that have made ATS a prerequisite for businesses big and small. 

With the advent of cloud computing and AI technology, Applicant Tracking Software has evolved into so much more, with predictive analytics, social media integration, advanced reporting, and posting to careers pages.

The Benefits of The Modern ATS for Recruiters

Predictive analytics has revolutionized recruiters’ ability to reach more job seekers who meet the organization’s goals. The technology allows busy HR departments to use past data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning to streamline the process and accurately forecast an applicant’s likely job suitability and performance. This, in turn, allows them to evaluate the likelihood of retention and reduce churn.  

Recruiters can quickly screen hundreds of applications, filtering them to find the best candidates for each advertised role. Less time spent reviewing resumes and considering applicants that later prove inappropriate is a huge time saver, saving the company money. A survey by Harvard Business School found that over 90% of employers utilize an ATS to filter and rank potential recruits.

Thanks to the built-in automation of applicant tracking software, like SmoothHiring, HR departments can enjoy a reduction in repetitive tasks and speed up the recruitment process. In just a few clicks, job listings can be created and posted to multiple careers pages, helping your HR team find the right employee for any vacancies. 

How Applicant Tracking Software Helps Managers

For managers and team leaders, the benefits of ATS software help them gather the team best suited to the role, increase efficiency and productivity, and ensure that vacancies are filled in the shortest timeframe possible. 

The benefits of predictive analytics are far from limited to finding the right candidate for “now”. They are instead intended to help find candidates who will find the role suitable and rewarding for their skill set. By finding team members predicted to enjoy their roles, retention remains high, thereby reducing disruption within the team. 

Predictive Analytics Improves Candidate Experience

Although an applicant tracking system is seen as a must-have for most organizations, big and small, the candidate experience also benefits from the involvement of an ATS. Applicants are often able to proceed through the application process within one website or app, allowing them to submit their resumes, receive feedback, arrange application dates and times, and upload necessary paperwork to begin their role, if successful. 

Because the software relies on automation, candidates can instantly confirm that their application was received, see when it has been reviewed, and much more. This makes the application process smoother and more pleasant for the applicant. 

Furthermore, thanks to the predictive analytics in modern applicant tracking systems, inappropriate candidates are not brought to interview, which prevents their time from being wasted or the stress of having to interview for a role for which they are ultimately unsuitable.  


In summary, predictive analytics in partnership with ATS ensures that companies can quickly connect with top talent. Human Resource departments are left free to ensure their time is utilized appropriately and avoid the time-wasting that can occur from the use of disparate digital avenues, such as separate systems for digital resume uploads, contract signatures, interview diaries, and so on. 

By integrating an applicant tracking system into any business, big or small, organizations can save considerable time and money on recruitment while reaching more job seekers. 

Thanks to AI and predictive analytics, ATS software has evolved to a point that revolutionizes how companies find the right employees and ensures that they remain within the organization for as long as possible. 

If you’re ready to bring these changes to your hiring procedures, contact us to arrange a demo, or check out our help center for more information.  


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