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How to Create Effective Job Ads

Crafting a Job Ad is going to be quite hard compared to a general job posting as many are not acquainted with the format to follow. Here you need to…

Tips to identify the leadership skills in employees
Best ways to Identify Leadership Skills in Employees

Who is going to supersede you as a leader, once you withdraw or retire from that position? You can’t suddenly come up with a name out of blue to take…

Tips to Hire Employees - SmoothHiring
Best Ways to Hire Right Employees

Multiple positions are vacant in your organisation, as HR the burden to fill up these posts with the right talent falls on you. You need to exert the utmost care…

How to hire employees for remote work - SmoothHiring
Tips for Hiring the Remote Employees from Job Posting Sites

Afraid to answer your higher-ups lined up with reasons like being unable to find the right professional or limited budget to hire the wanted? Then explore the path of remote…

Employees Screening Methods - SmoothHiring
How to Screen the Employees and Top Methods in Screening

Companies need qualified and reliable employees to thrive in business. Eliminate those who don’t meet the special criteria set for the candidature by effective means of the screening process. You…

SmoothHiring - Technology simplifies the Hiring Process
How Technology Simplifies the Hiring Process?

Upholding and operating on the technology unburdens you from extra and daunting work included in the recruiting process. So today we are going to share how the diverse technology trends…

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