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With newly introduced trends in the recruiting industry, are you confused about what to choose? There is absolutely no need to worry about it.
First, let’s say adieus to your current hiring methods before stepping ahead towards standard recruiting trends in 2019.


The first thing the job seekers these days do is go online to search company’s profile. Apart from hosting a dynamic website, the organization needs to strengthen the employers brand along with having an active presence in social media. Your social media accounts and website should portray companies information and association with the workforce, to indicate organization environment to seekers.
Apparently hiring interactions, interview structure and trends like video interviews give an impression of the practical setting that can influence the opinion of 69% job aspirers.

The first six reviews really matter, so keep a check on reviews about the organization across platforms like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Google reviews, etc. And solve the possible problems to score a point on your side. It is not only to an amazing approach but shows your tenacity towards the employees.

Aside from maintaining the employer’s brand identity, post videos of employees over social media platforms or on the company website. It showcases the employees perspective and functioning conditions to engage the interest of potential candidates.

Platform friendly:

A fully charged smartphone with unlimited data is what really matters to the current generation since it keeps them aligned with facts around the world.
But the job industry seems to be lag a bit in associating with terms like search indexing, text messaging and platform friendly recruiting methods.

Other than websites, Google is now indexing the jobs and appear when job seekers tag “near me” in their search. Two things we can’t miss in this point is location matters and the job listing on the search engine.

You can spread a word about current positions to aspirer’s through text messaging. Personalized touch in conveying information about the interview is well appreciated in the process of hiring new employees.

Job search through the mobile is yet one thing that recruiters are not taking into serious consideration. According to recent surveys among 10 job searchers around the world 9 clearly seek their mobile for job hunting.

Compared to the depletion rate there is a gradual rise in mobile job seekers and accountable number apply through mobile. You can anticipate an increase in applicants if your job sourcing methods are platform friendly.

Invest in AI and Job Recruiting Software:

The old scenario in the HR department to put on an interview date while going through received resumes then categorizing, replying to find new employee will seem odd now. You will waste quite a time, depleting the energies of the workforce. Yet seldom a company has to face blunders like bias in selection leading to drop in candidates.

If we reverse the whole above-stated situation except for the bias point, your company cannot be flooded with resumes as it is now a candidate driven market. To simply put it go for AI or recruiting software like ours to get the attention of job seekers eliminating bias. Job descriptions can be created based on your requirements and can be posted across various job hiring sites.

Once you start to receive the resumes, the software facilitates you in selecting the aspirants accelerating the hiring procedure.

Referral Programs:

Employee referral programs can be quite productive in hiring high-quality candidates. According to a survey, referral hires are considered 82% successful due to their high prolific output.
There is a definite need for referral program to be modernized from time to time to make it a viable recruiting source. Other than being cost effective it removes the hassle of posting jobs online saving time and the company is likely to win over the right talent to fill in the position.

Candidate experience:

Among the multiple ways to improve the candidate experience, automated resume selection strategy is now accepted by both employees and employer. Some of the acknowledgeable pros of this approach are

* It decimates the chances and unburdens the feeling of bias in the selection process for the new employee.
* Speed ups the application process reducing the time-line of the whole hiring process.
* It gives space for the HR team to concentrate on the selective candidates, improving the experience of candidates.
* Collaborations with other departments and structured interviews not only increases the standards of the company but leaves a memorable mark in the minds of job seekers.
* Leaves time to have better communication with the candidate starting from the preliminaries to pre-screening.
* Speedy procedure contributes to fewer chances to lose the top talent.
* Onboarding can be well-explained so that the expectations can be met by the new employee.

Hope the recruiting trends help you to find new employees with right talent and don’t forget to try our recruiting software since it is one of the best among trending software in 2019.

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