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Traditionally, hiring new employees was a lengthy, expensive, and manual process. We aimed to remove all the obstacles you face doing it yourself. Here’s how we make your hiring process smoother.

Step 1: Create Job

Estimated Time: 5-15 minutes Price: FREE What do you say to people to get them to apply to your job? We believe it all starts with a good job description. When you create an account, we walk you through a few steps collecting information we need in our job wizard to automatically create a job description. Within minutes, you’ll be able to tailor it to your needs. Our job descriptions make you look more professional. You’ll benefit from people applying who understand what you need. When you are ready to post your job, that’s when you pay and our team will begin the next step.
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Step 2: Advertise Job

Estimated Time: up to 30 days Price: $399-599 Part of the challenge of hiring is how do you let people know you’re hiring? This is the best part of our service. Once our team receives your job description, within a few hours they’ll post it to job boards during standard business hours. If you pay individual job boards like LinkedIn, Monster and Career Builder to post your job for 30 days, it’ll cost you upwards to $1,200*. Also, you will need to take the time to setup an account with each. We have wholesale pricing so our cost is much lower, see pricing. By using our system you only setup one account and we manage all the posts for you. The more people that see your job, the more likely you will find a better employees. When people apply, they will be asked for their resume and a series of questions based on your job description.
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Our Job wizard helps to create best job description automatically.

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Step 3: Manage Interviews

Estimated Time: as long as you need Price: INCLUDED Once people start applying to your job, how do you pick the best one from the group? In the past this was a lot of sorting through resumes, reading through and saving emails. Lots of work. Our service pools all the people that apply to your job in one place with resumes and sorts them based on the the answers they gave to your questions. This automatic sorting helps you spend more time talking to whom you want than sifting through the entire stack. Also, it reduces the chance of missing a good fit. As you interview people, our easy to use system helps you track who you like and who else needs to be contacted. No need to store this info on paper or in a spreadsheet anymore.
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Sometimes even with all the automated tools in the world, it’s good to speak to someone if you need help. When you pay for our service, you can speak to an account manager at anytime for free. They’re there to ensure you have the best experience hiring your next employee.
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