Importance of Job Description to Find Right Talent

Job Description on Jon Posting sites

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Job Description on Jon Posting sites

Today job seekers skim through a lot of job posts and the time span they spend on each job post is only a few seconds before making up their mind on which one to attend. So if you are going to hang around with your old job description for the post, you are very mistaken to think that it attracts the job seekers.

Your job description should leave quite an impression on a glance, for job seekers to spend some more time to study it. So do you want to leave an impact on the right talent to seek for the position in your company? Then let’s see some of do’s and don’t while crafting the job description.

Don’t Stand Out Too Much:

Using Jovial and casual language to stand out while describing the job position can diminish the chances of drawing top talent. Because it portrays the culture of your corporate world and how trivial your expectations are from the job seekers. Avoid jargon of fanciful words that confuse the aspirants on job objectives further deterring them from being applicants.

Make sure to add related keywords to your fluent description to get optimized in the Google Search. These keywords will help you to list out the job position on top in the sea of relevant posts.

Keep it Short:

Though title, summary, responsibilities, qualifications, logistics, benefits etc., are common in the job description avoid adding the vision-mission and long lines on company details.

Suffice to say 2-3 brief lines about the company is enough. Since only 23% of aspirants are interested in the company details and many prefer to visit the company website to know more.

It is noted in a recent survey conducted by Linkedin that aspirants have their eye on Compensation(61%), Job Details(49%), Qualifications(49%) and so on. Structure of the Job description as per the above suggestions and post it on different sites using our job posting services.

Tone, Targets and Transparency:

Tone of the job description really matters as it gives an insight into the company culture and employer capabilities. If an employee is given a choice among Casual, Formal and Generic job descriptions, which one do you think they will choose? If your guess is Casual then you are quite wrong because 77% preferred to apply for Generic compared to those 60% interested in Casual. So choose the tone wisely to avoid attracting the wrong talent.

Targets can sway the opinion of the applicant if they are descriptive enough. By including success criteria to achieve in the first year on joining grabs the shrinking attention of capable professionals as they rise to challenge the position realities.

Transparency in job benefits and expectations in job description attracts about 82% of aspirants. The description should mirror the goals for the role and give clarity to ensure that they are mindful about what they are going to signup for? It increases the prospects to find employees in the USA.

Use Neutral Language to avoid the feel of gender bias:

When you unconsciously use gender-biased language in the job description it can dissuade a large pool of applicants from applying for the job. Prefer terms like “You”, “Candidate” instead of gender-specific pronouns and terms. Filter out those phrases by using “Gender Decoder” tool and in chrome, you can use “Unbias Me Extension”.

To show that your company is an epitome for equality, mention in the job description that first screening is done by AI software on applicants, to select those who can attend the interview instead of the HR department. It influences the mindset of aspirants that they can fit in your company without a sense of bias.

Check for Grammar Errors:

Check for Grammar errors and Proofread the description more than once before posting on the job sites. Flaws like bad formatting, spell errors leave a negative impression about the firm on applicants. By chance, if you don’t follow this idea then remember that you can be embarrassed in front of potential candidates.

In the course of proofreading emphasize the key points so that when the candidates scan through they can’t go unnoticed.

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