How AI(Artificial Intelligence) Impacts on Recruiting

AI for Recruiting software

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AI for Recruiting software

Now assisting the humans in various organizations, hiring industry is no less exempted from Artificial intelligence. With impending dooms like unfilled positions leading to a study decline in hires being inversely proportional to huge job openings can cause economic imbalance. In the USA the job opening rate is noted to be 4.7%, whereas hiring rate is 3.9% leaving behind more than 2.5 million posts without candidates.

Job posting services which are a part of AI hiring software accelerates job recruitment procedure and fill in the jobs with the top-tier candidates. Predictive analytics in AI helps to overcome upcoming problems like 66% of millennials leaving their career behind by 2020. To further gain an idea on the impact of AI on the future and especially recruiting industry give a glance on below points.

Taking AI as a leverage recruiters can predict the right talent fit for the position. Analyzing the data-backed on previous talent acquisition it distinguishes between the present and past client demands making the changes accordingly meeting the existing job market. Also, we can conclude on probability to find a suitable applicant and estimate the need to invest additional means to locate talent once job advert is posted on the top job posting sites.

Though a customized algorithm puts an end to mundane tasks reducing the workload for your hiring team, you need to evaluate its precision before full-fledge utilisation of its services. Enter traits of former potential candidates like performance, work details, current skill set requirements etc., into the algorithm to gather the list of potential candidates.

Among the large pile of resumes, AI bots will browse for the best candidates cataloguing the applicants batch-wise. Breaking the prior records you can now shorten the span of the hiring window increasing the efficiency of the hiring team.

Just enter a few keywords into AI regarding the skills, expertise, compensation, geographical location etc., for the cream of the crop surface as an output on the screen. But what about their background and those whose try to fake to the algorithm as experts with the best fit resumes? You need not worry about it since it is hard to escape from the critical eye of AI. It parses through their social profiles, estimate the online presence, prior hiring patterns, their track record in previous company and verification of data provided eliminates any potential threat.

After microscopic review, only reliable and upright employees are given a ticket to proceed further in the interview process. Further attributes of the applicants can only be estimated by a touch of the human element. Keep in touch with the applicants with an automated message tool, giving an update on their progress in interview and guidance for the next level.

Bias can be intentional and sometimes unintentional like the loss of your resume among distorted pile or other human errors, but the chance of AI to make such a mistake is yet unproven.

Instead of indulging in personal feelings, AI relays on data and metrics to determine the candidature. Hundreds of possible candidates are filtered uncovering their factual information and assessment solely on their potential it guarantees unbiased company culture.

Digitised interviews are led by AI supportive video platforms. They are mobile friendly and can gauge candidates behavioural traits in their own domain.

These AI platforms can conduct technical interviews, evaluate their answers, face and tone recognition features dwindles the chances of fooling this model platform.

Aside from behavioural study a well-programmed evaluation of biometric, tone of speech, energy, voice quality, emotions, body language and thorough psychological analysis can be done during a video interview. Your HR team can go through the recorded interview video to communicate their end judgement.

AI-driven hiring platforms increase hiring efficiency of companies by 41% and 49% of HR managers expressed a positive attitude towards it. Without sugar-coating the fact that AI does a threat to HR jobs with a chance of 16% in line over upcoming years. Outperforming the experts AI chances a growth of $47 billion by 2020.

With time in hands, the HR team can now concentrate on bringing the potential candidates onboard. Significant improvement in candidate experience and a measure of personal relationship leaves a great impact on aspirants.

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