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Tips to hire employees - SmoothHiring

Multiple positions are vacant in your organisation, as HR the burden to fill up these posts with the right talent falls on you. You need to exert the utmost care as the arduous task of hiring solely relays on picking up the appropriate person when the talent is in short.

To leave more breathing space for you to strategize on recruiting, we have carefully compiled effective ways to follow in the current job market.

Recruiting Tactics:
Tactics help you to overcome the concern of hiring the right employees from the limited talent pool. Put a stop to your dilemma on choosing the high-quality candidates by taking up these futuristic approaches.

  • Complex looking job description to hire new employees makes aspirants uncertain driving them away from applying. So better to leave the work for recruiting software, which follows the trend in framing the description.
  • Don’t replicate preceding mistakes during the interview process. For example, you got the ideal candidate for the position and backed down from hiring that applicant because of a bit high package. You might have faced the repercussions later because of that decision, so be tactful now.
  • Promote the flexible working hours and perks, to maintain work-life stability principally for acting parents.

Industry-Specific Job Boards:
Instead of searching among the sea of candidates with different job qualification, you can choose to scour for candidates in industry-specific job boards. These job boards focus on distinct candidates who want to have an occupation in that specific industry.

For example, there is a vacancy in the asset management branch in the finance department. Just go through finance related job boards like to fill the right candidate for the position. This fresh idea simplifies the recruiting process for small companies with niche specific criteria for job seekers.

Retain old employees:
Got a call from old employees querying about the present opportunities, then invite them for the interview upon reflecting over the knowledge they perked up from other companies? Give them the first preference, as in the past if they are committed to the growth of the firm. Technical and Analytical skills, working style, cultural fit, etc., are few things you may already have a preliminary calculation on, but what about the professional growth in other company? Fish out the reasons behind leaving that company and review on their technological skills. Try to accommodate and hire them as soon as possible if they turn out to represent the promising candidate for the position.

Tick mark the qualities using the Checklist:
Come up a list systemized with the required qualifications in the employees. Judge their personality traits and skill set ticking-in the qualifications present. Furthermore, it helps in the end evaluation to separate the hotlist from other applicants.

Analyze beyond resume:
The resumes are framed to dazzle the employers, so everything on the paper can’t be true unless you give a careful analyzation over them. Develop some tricky situations to observe their response to it, and other different methodologies to look into their skill set.

Taking the resume into confidence give a call over to the references stated in the resume. Checkup on the frequency in switching careers, it shows how committed they are to their work? Despite salary hurdles and good job offer instead of abandoning a project halfway to stay behind a complete, proves their worthiness.

Tryout Situational Interview:
Predict the capabilities of the employee by trying out the situational interview. Before trying out this out of box idea, you need to be sure about this candidate and right after this situational evaluation. Plus give assurance to hire them once they pass the test. This real-time test is considered to be 50% more effective compared to the routine interview procedure.

The trial portrays their temperament traits aside from qualified specs. A follow-up with the project manager can resolve how dedicated and serious the aspirant is regarding the appointed work?

Set criteria ahead of the test and appreciate the opinions of current employees involved in the project with them. Calculate all the pros and cons before hiring them.

Cultural Fit or Skill Set, Which one to Choose?:
Which person do you want to hire, one with the essential skill set and great interpersonal skills to fit into your company culture or a potential top talent with character flaws?

As per the experience of employers those who favour top talent with character flaws, face a lot of problems in a distinct future. This situation arises due to the conflicts in the newly formed teams due to their petulant

It’s not the same with the company that chooses the first option, as they solely become one and work as one overcoming their flaws.

Include Whole Team Interviews:
Groups assembled at college stage trying to develop their own software to make a stand in the digital world can gain credibility in the future. These teams don’t like to part with their batchmates since they can sync and progress vastly.

Try to own up them if you need to form a batch for the creative project, better to interview these groups with successful ventures in hand to be a part of the company. You will never regret this decision.

Funded Internship Programs:
Allowing paid internships to the newly graduated students will give you leeway to improve and hire them as future prospective employees.
The program can be designed to be budget friendly and can teach the newly minted interns to get acquainted with the cultural fit.

No Negligence during a Background Check:
Don’t get quite excited about holding the top tier candidates, give a background check before taking the step of hiring and further proceeding with onboarding.

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