Tips for Hiring the Remote Employees from Job Posting Sites

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Tips for Hiring the Remote Employees from Job Posting Sites

Afraid to answer your higher-ups lined up with reasons like being unable to find the right professional or limited budget to hire the wanted? Then explore the path of remote employees, where abundant professionals work from self-created space to earn and spend time with their families.

A survey says 43% of the workers in the U.S. work remotely to some extent, surprising isn’t it? They expect flexible operational hours and reasonable pay if your company additional perks they vie for the remote worker job from your firm.

Still figuring out, where to find, and how delegate while hiring remote employees? Just go through my blog to find the right answers.

Remote Job Posting sites to Go Through:
Follow legitimate remote job posting sites as we work remotely, FlexJobs,, etc., to employ remote experts. Using recruiting software besides searching the right fit for the job post, you can list an AI framed job description on these sites.

Tap into your networks to find them and don’t lose your time on normal job sites like Monster, Indeed, etc., as these sites are full of those looking for in-person jobs.

Don’t Compromise/Limit Your Options:
Your options are limited when sourcing employee for a general position in the company. However, that’s not the case albeit recruiting a remote aspirant. Your options are unlimited, thereby instead of being hasty take your time while scouring through the top-tier list on best job posting sites.

Be Specific in Candidate Requirements:
Don’t get confused with countless options, and be specific while listing out the requirements. For example, your company lacks a website developer and by chance, you stumbled upon a person with exceptional graphics cum content skills with fundamental skills in the website developing. If you lean towards that person, the company is doomed, as you neglected to source person with web developing expertise for the position rather than the other way around.

Don’t Miss out on Test:
The top applicant’s list is now in your hands, start assessing them on various levels. Start with specific requirements for the job and real-time problems to distinguish how they face hem? Filter out the candidates that adequately found a solution for it. Gather information on the applicant’s extra skills to finally collide with leading experts to screen the first batch of shortlisted candidates. Know how credible they are stating facts and how far they match with the resume? Moreover, if you are unlikely to conduct a face to face interview go for a video conference to asses their behavioral traits and circumstances.

If not face to face interview Schedule a Video Interview:
The Chances to schedule an in-person interview with the remote job seeker is quite less. But an interview is must to scrutinize their attitude, body language and learn about their future work environment considering most of the distant workers complain distractions as a reason for incomplete work.

Prefer video interview if in-person interview becomes impossible to take note if they are able to articulate openly or not, plus get a clear view of their background setting.

Come up with the right perks:
When remote workers face technical hitches they do need mentors proficient in both hardware and software to aid them. Notify during the interview process that the experts will be online 24/7 to assist them with technical concerns.

Other than flexible working hours offer Vacation deals, a Credit on movies, groceries and beverages, Fitness subscription, etc., The package benefits positively to make them feel wanted and believe that they are part of the company.

Opt for Contract Over Fulltime Hiring:
Give this tip some serious consideration, since it is something akin to the trial period before employing the remote employee. Also, use their services to get a full-fledge outlook on their efficiency and ability to finish the task within the given time limit.

Some remote employees may even favor this situation since they can work for other employers securing different deals. Slide from providing employee perks and insurances till the contract is up if you comply with their working style ask them to be a full-time employee and follow onboarding procedure once they agree.

Propose Co-Working Associations:
People often face disturbances in their home, and loneliness is one of the other factors that the remote employees have to face. So better offer the co-working memberships when you collaborate with other companies. The office space and uninterrupted wifi services make them work productively.
They can even form mutual connections with other company workers and get some guidance during work complications.

It makes them get acquainted with the corporate culture and price you pay for their membership is commendable as it only increases their output. Be flexible while making this offer and stress it as optional since working mothers cannot side with it.

Well-Placed Communication Plan:
Communication is something crucial you need to take into concern while hiring distant employees from job sites for employers. As you cannot daily talk with them over the project details, check whether they are comfortable with advanced communicators or not. Consider and explain the below possibilities before assigning a project for the new hire.

  • Assign the project with details and time limit over software solutions like Trello, Microsoft Project, etc.,
  • Inteam chats and weekly video conferences to determine work progress is now made possible through software like Slack, Business-Hangouts, Rocket Chat, Matter most, etc.,
  • Engage in holiday retreats and tours with the whole team including the remote employees to build up relationships.

Request Feedback:
Get feedback once the trial period comes to an end. It helps to switch the current working system with a better one meeting their requirements. Ensure the changes increase their efficiency and happy enough similar to the office employees.

If they are unhappy and want to serve ties with you instead of becoming a fulltime, find the loopholes in the recruiting and gaps during the project. Solve issues of miscommunication and change software if needed, but never lose a countable employee, if they are quite productive throughout the trial period.

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