How to Screen the Employees and Top Methods in Screening

Employees Screening Methods - SmoothHiring

How to Screen the Employees and Top Methods in Screening

Employees Screening Methods – SmoothHiring

Companies need qualified and reliable employees to thrive in business. Eliminate those who don’t meet the special criteria set for the candidature by effective means of the screening process. You can count on the best screening practices and methods stated below to promptly hire a capable, credible and consistent employee for your firm.

Best Practices to Screen Top Talents:

Resume Screening:
You have received a pile of resumes and software executed screening based on the instructions dispatched by you. The filtered CV’s turned around 30 to 50, so why not give a thorough look on them yourself? Since the candidates use many buzz words to introduce themselves to rise top in the list. Keep your eyes wide open to pinpoint the wanted skills, gaps in employment, growth in position, job hopping intervals, etc., from the set of buzz words.

Coordinate with the manager to go over to analyze the prominence of technology they used in a project. It gives an idea on the skills and the position they operated in the project also spells their contribution. One last tip is don’t post jobs on multiple job boards while copypasting the same old job description, prepare a new copy.

Assess Skills and Experience:
The shortlisted candidates after prescreening have surpassing skills one over the other. It becomes relatively difficult to pick one without a proper assessment. Considering you got an inkling on their expertise and experience put forth a pre-employment skill test to examine their abilities. The complexity of the questions can be increased. ATS helps to gather the aspirant’s information and fair questions to frame based on their portfolio.

Their planning and briefing method on posing real-time problems clears the air on their capabilities.

Screen Behavioural Traits:
The manner of speaking, body language, sincerity in answers and tone of voice while answering the questions establishes the behavioral attributes. For Example, you require a salesperson, and the person you spoke seemed sensitive and soft-spoken though the traits are endearing, it doesn’t go hand in hand with the job demands. Hence, the behavioral traits do matter in the screening.

Social Network Screening:
According to statistics 2 among 5 employers use social media to screen the applicants. A glance on their public profile and posts indicate social conduct. Based on it 51% evaluate if the interviewee can mingle with the current workforce or not.

The social and economic background trails are left behind through posts on their social network. If the posts have inappropriate content, discriminating comments, Poor English Skills, Gossip on previous employers, mislead on qualifications etc., better not to hire that particular candidate.

Creativity, Great personality, Sociable, and a wide range of worthy connections is enough to consider employing them.

Background Screening:
Any company doesn’t want to land in a legal soup, as it damages corporation culture and brand image. Precautions need to be taken before hiring prospective employees by a profound background check. The background screening should include Address Check, Loan and Vehicle check, Validation of Social Status, Compensations received and more. Consequently, you can avoid hiring lawbreakers and repeat offenders, better ascertain that the entire process is carried under justifiable terms.

Top Methods Used To Screen:

Recruiting Software:
Companies need to reflect on employment screening methods and change according to technological reforms. Plus one among such new technology is recruiting software to outsmart your adversaries in the candidate-driven market.

Once you opt and act by subscribing for a hiring software, the prescreening on the hundreds of resumes becomes easy. For example, you need to hire a Graphic designer so give instructions to software on the required skills and familiarity with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver,etc., Educational requirements and experience, the instructions sheds light on the smart set among the present resumes.

Phone Screening:
Phone interviews can be conducted via chatbots or by you. Chatbots can screen using the automated messaging system or directly ask precomposed questions using voice over and need to have additional features like speech recognition, recording, etc.

Give a call to the applicants with pre-determined questions and limit the conversation to 20 minutes. Expect for skill related problems, don’t ask questions like “Why do you want to be part of Our Company?” Since it wastes yours and their time combined together.

Video Interview:
Remote employees, you want to hire need to undergo screening on the expense of traveling costs and boarding. To overcome this excessive budget choose video interviewing, where you can question the applicant face to face.

Web conference software has tools of recording, document sharing, scheduling and more which has advantages similar to In-person interviewing.

In Person/Panel Screening:
In the corporate world In person or panel screening is considered as a final obstacle before the candidate can bag the job. The company culture is reflected here, so the panel colluded to interview the aspirant need to intercommunicate without showing their differences before the candidate.

You can get an insight into their character, personality, skills, work experience and more through panel screening. Based on the performance if you are confident enough that the person is the right match, proceed with negotiations on salary and legal formalities.

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