How Technology Simplifies the Hiring Process?

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Upholding and operating on the technology unburdens you from extra and daunting work included in the recruiting process. So today we are going to share how the diverse technology trends work it’s magic to help you simplify the hiring procedure?
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Multiple Channels for Recruitment:
Companies currently don’t stick to a single channel of the recruiting system. Putting an end to the same old routine of posting jobs on career boards to hire the potential employees, corporations opted for multiple hiring channels. Social recruiting is one of the possible options and with an active presence, the company can post the jobs on Instagram, Facebook, and more. More than 94% of HR managers stay active and form connections to hire top-tier talent. Professional sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor are not exempted from this. Companies are compelled to develop mobile apps related to the enterprise to keep the job seekers instantly updated.

And the most momentous thing is you need not to post them site by site. Since the automated job posting software took over that position saving you both time and money.

Right Match for the Job:
Big Data, Blockchain and Cloud-based technologies amass the data in collection regarding employees like training, certified skills, work performance in the previous job and more. Analyzing ethical attitude and authentication of identity are now made easy.

Data is secured in the encrypted form leaving no room for hacking of the employee portfolios. In the above-mentioned technologies on single instruction, the program scours through millions of segregated data inquest for the candidates with matching qualifications. Be precise in position specifications while laying down the instructions to the software.

Judge the candidate’s behaviour and future predicaments before sourcing by making use of predictive analytics.

Technology Takes Care Of Tracking Work:
Undergoing through major changes since 1990, Application Tracking System has now emerged with features for the organisations to capitalise on the existing talent pool. The system constantly stays a step ahead in tracking the employee information as it is now directly linked with the major job boards and keeps the talented candidates within the loop.

In addition to the ongoing interview process, it traces the candidate in the course of getting hired and informs if the other companies are interested in them to make an immediate decision to hire before the other company.

In future, if you need to fill in a vacant position first go through the talent pool before framing a job description, as ATS keeps a track of previous applicants current station to automatically send the invitees for the interview to the unemployed ones.

Automated Scheduling:
Some candidates are selected for the upcoming round of the interview process, whereas those in short of qualifications get rejected. You need to send the mails concerning their acceptance and rejection. Are you merely going to type every webmail address and copypaste the information or forward a mass email regarding the interview result? The two scenarios cause disasters due to lack of your sophistication, in the ends leaves a negative impact on organisation image.

Mechanical and customised emails are delivered to the job aspirants on their interview result. The software schedules the dates and timings. Once they receive the email Google calendar promptly adds it in their day to day schedule.

Customized Candidate Experience:
From crafting the customized emails to using chatbots AI or Software sends messages on their interview progress in your place. Leaving you time to act as a virtual interviewer or share tips to guide them in the evaluation method. Candidate with a strong skill background can hold the battle for the position in the unbiased AI filtering process. It reduces the time likewise to improving applicants experience.

Sparing the HR team from tedious work, they can thrive to project a positive image to aspirants through interview building the brand value. It’s a win to win situations for the candidate and the company.

Click-To-Call the Applicants:
Google newly brought up a surprising card known as Click-To-Call Functionality. You may have seen the auto highlighting property, where the top resumes and CVs are highlighted. Mimicking this feature it auto highlights the list of the calls attempted and the conversation is recorded.

For example, your colleague may have given a call to the prospective employee to the share the news of the next interview or acceptance, by mistake if you reach the same candidate to inform the identical information you will look like a fool. To prevent such situations Click-To-Call Functionality will be handy as it not only maintains the call log but info on who was contacted and which colleague attempted that call.

Multiple Platform Communication:
Isolated or remote employees may not feel that social due to lack of interaction with the office employees. Leaving them to hesitate on how to proceed with higher-ups to project their ideas on the project or even to call on sick leave due to lack of communication. So boost employee productivity through various communication platforms.

Hiring the employees from remote locations for expert input on the project is now made easy as the discussions are held through emails, texts, video calling and audio calling. New innovations made it possible to opt for any method to make them warm-up to the job.

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