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What to Why
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While What to Why is only a twenty-minute read, it has been years in the making and explores a fundamental shift that is changing how leaders build high-performing teams.

I wrote it with the hope that it will help you build your own world-class team.

Let me quickly share with you the shift in my own life that led to What to Why.

Saying No to the Dream

In 2006, I received an offer for the dream job that I had spent the previous dozen years working toward.

I turned it down.

The path to that decision began six months earlier when my daughter was born. Time spent with her was special and made me reflect on my life in a way I hadn’t before. The one area that consumed my thoughts was work.

Since graduating with a degree in business, I had gone on to work in senior roles at major brands. I was following the path that made logical sense. Although I had moments when I was passionate about what I was doing, I often found work frustrating and unfulfilling.

I wondered if there was a better path for me. And so I set off on a journey to discover work that I would both love and excel at.

The “Aha” Moment

I got lots of advice. Most of the people who gave me guidance pointed me in the direction of my past experiences—more of the same.

But somewhere along the way, I met some experts who were discovering new insights around work, happiness, people, and performance. After spending just a short amount of time with them, they were able to show me why

I was unhappy with my career. There was a big disconnect between the work I preferred and the work I was actually doing. These were insights about myself I wished I had known years earlier. This was powerful stuff. It was a light- bulb moment when I realized how many other people must be in the same situation.

I knew that insights like this could radically improve the way organizations and people came together.

And so, by the time the offer for my dream job came in, I decided to not go down a path I knew wasn’t a fit for me. Instead, I founded ClearFit to take these new insights to businesses everywhere—and help create a world with happy employees and more productive organizations.

Nine Years Later

It’s been nine years since that decision. While building a business has certainly had its moments, I am definitely in the right job and have been able to be true to myself. In these same nine years, thousands of organizations have begun to use these new insights to improve the happiness of their employees as well as increase the performance of their teams. It has created a shift that I call “WHAT TO WHY.”

So what exactly do I mean by WHAT TO WHY? The twenty-minute story in this book will answer that question. Although it is based on a sales leader I know, the insights are applicable to any team in any industry.

So, if you are a leader who wants to learn about a new approach to increasing the performance of your team, this book is for you. If you are an individual who is struggling to find your path, as I was nine years ago, I have no doubt you’ll find the insights helpful too.

Click here to meet the leader who went from WHAT TO WHY and to download the book for free.

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