Spend more time in the sun with these two time-saving ClearFit features!

Spend more time in the sun with these two time-saving ClearFit features!


Have you ever wanted to become a master at using ClearFit? Well we’re here to help!

We’d love to go over two existing features that can save you tons of time in the hiring process (which equals more time to spend in the sunshine!, or in the matrix, whichever you prefer)…


1. Inviting Applicants by using the Invite Link

Have you ever wanted to invite people to apply to your job, only to be faced with the tedious process of entering their emails one by one into the invite box? Here’s a quick tip that should save you loads of time.

You can send people an Invite Link (as shown below) that will automatically re-direct them to the application form when clicked on. This means you can send them an email containing the link, without having to copy and paste their emails into the Invite Applicants box (hurray)! You can also make this link public on your Careers Page for the duration of your ClearFit job, and watch as the applicants flow through!

First click the “Invite Applicants” button

Then copy and paste the unique link for your job

2. Two Ways to Hire for a Previous Position

Did you know there are two very different ways of “restarting” a job with ClearFit after a job has expired? Depending on your hiring needs, one option might be much better than the other!

Say you want to restart a job while keeping all of your previous applicants in the same view. Easy! You simply go to the Expired Jobs tab on the left of your dashboard and click the Start Hiring button on a specific job.

On the other hand, you can also restart a job fresh (don’t worry, they’ll still be there in the old job) by clicking on the Copy Job button as seen below.


What’s next

What’s coming up next, you ask? We’re working on some awesome filtering for your applicants. Like a good coffee, it’s nothing without the filter 🙂

Before you leave, could you take a second and answer this quick question? We love to hear your feedback! Click here.

If you have any questions of your own (it’s only fair), please give your friendly hiring coach a call at 1 877 789 8767!

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