How to Advertise Your ClearFit Job on Your Website

We highly recommend linking to your ClearFit job from your company website. This way, anyone who applies will go through a consistent application process and all your applications will be neatly organized in the same place (your ClearFit dashboard). Here’s how you do it:

From your ClearFit dashboard, click on the link that says “Invite Applicants.”


Each ClearFit job has a unique apply link. You’ll find the link at the bottom of the Invite Applicants window. Just copy and paste it.


Your next step is to publish this unique apply link on your website along with a short description of the position you’re hiring for. The process for this will depend on your website setup. Here’s an example of a listing on ClearFit’s Careers Page.


Anyone who clicks on this link will go to the ClearFit apply page, where they can read the full job description and take the ClearFit application process.


Don’t forget to post this apply link on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn too! The more you share it, the more applicants you’ll get.

As people apply, they’ll appear in your ClearFit dashboard. ClearFit gives you a single place to see everyone — ranked and scored by how well they fit your job — so you can focus on the most promising applicants and get it all done faster.

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