Hiring Over the Holidays? Why it Might Just Bring the Gift You Need

Hiring Over The Holidays

Should I or shouldn’t I? It’s the question so many of us ask ourselves when December hits and we still have open positions to fill. Do we post that job or wait until the New Year?

The honest truth is that it could be the ideal time to find that perfect candidate.


Those applicants with the best drive, desire, and attitude will be the ones applying. So many applicants give up over the holidays. They believe nobody is hiring and resign to wait it out until the New Year. But there is a crop of applicants that keep fighting the fight. They see this time as the perfect opportunity to break through the clutter and be found.

As an employer, this could be a real boon to the quality of the applicants you receive during a perceived “slow hiring” month. Less applicants but higher quality is a great formula for finding the right employee faster. So, if you’ve got positions to fill, now might just be the perfect time to get it posted.

Here’s to the holiday hiring spirit!

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