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About 20–30 percent of all candidates who take our personality assessment end up scoring as a “fit.” Their scores indicate their neither “weak,” nor “strong,” so they certainly may work out. Here are some pointers regarding those candidates who score as a “fit” to keep in mind:

Fit — Snapshot:

  • Candidate satisfies at least fourteen of the twenty Attribute Requirements, and
  • Candidate satisfies at least three of the five Most Important Attributes for the position.

Fit Snapshot

Fit — Summary:

A “fit” candidate is one who scores relatively well on the personality test in regards to the target marks and meets the necessary skills and qualifications for the job. However, you’ll also find that there may be a few areas highlighted in the personality test that you’ll want to dig deeper into during the interview process so that you can figure out whether or not they will be able to compensate for those areas of weakness (i.e. what coping mechanisms they’ve developed).

Where to Go from Here?

Have a look at our other articles in the series on fit scores, including “An Overview of What the Test Results Mean,” “Strong Fit,” “Weak Fit,” and “Distortion” to get a full explanation of what each of the results really means and how you can use it to better inform your hiring decision.

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