What Do the Different Levels of “Fit” Mean — Distortion

What Do the Different Levels of “Fit” Mean — Distortion

What Do the Different Levels of Fit Mean - DistortionWhen a candidate scores as “distortion,” this means simply means that the test wasn’t able to arrive at a valid fit score. This is because the system determined a lack of consistency, or even in some cases a lack of honesty, in the candidate’s answers to the questions on the test (i.e. perhaps a candidate may be trying to present a “socially acceptable” view of themselves rather than their true selves).

That being said, it’s usually worthwhile to retest these individuals if you like. Around 15–20 percent of those who test do get categorized as “distortion” the first time around, but 60 percent of those who retest won’t distort again.

Where to Go from Here?

Have a look at our other articles in the series on fit scores, including “An Overview of What the Test Results Mean,” “Strong Fit,” “Fit,” and “Weak Fit” to get a full explanation of what each of the results really means and how you can use it to better inform your hiring decision.

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