Use Comments to Save Time When You’re Hiring!

Comments Now with Editing

Use Comments to Save Time When You’re Hiring!

Comments Now with Editing

We all know it’s pretty hard to keep track of the process when you’re hiring…. you have a pile of applicants, and you keep looking at the same resume over and over again.

Fortunately, ClearFit allows you to comment on the applicants you’ve received. And don’t worry, only your team sees the comments—they are not shown to the applicant.

How Comments Can Help

Adding comments to applicants can help you in a couple key ways:

  1. Improve your hiring efficiency: Using comments to keep notes and reminders about specific applicants, and where they are in the process, will save you time when reviewing your applicants.
  2. Increase communication between hiring managers: If you have multiple people involved in hiring for a particular role, using comments can help facilitate communication. (Learn how to add users here.)

How to Comment

You can add comments to a particular applicant from a few different places inside ClearFit:

  1. From the baseball card, which is the small preview of an applicant, you can easily hit the “add comment” button to add comments. Your name, and the time you commented, will be added to the comment.

    Comment Baseball Card

  2. From an applicant’s full profile you can add comments as you review their resume and ClearFit Profile.

    Comment Full Profile

How to Edit a Comment

Editing a comment is easy. All you have to do is click on the pen symbol next to the past comment, and it will allow you to edit your past comment.

Be aware, you can only change comments you have made (unless you are an administrator of your account). If you want a comment that somebody else made changed, they’ll have to edit it themselves.

We hope comments will help you keep track of your applicants more efficiently.

Until next time, happy hiring!

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