Making hiring faster

Making hiring faster

Our latest release includes some awesome features and improvements to save you time. Let’s see what’s new!
new features email digest

Great Candidates, Less Filling!
(Of Your Inbox, That Is)

ClearFit used to send an email every time someone applied to your job. We heard your feedback: too many emails!

So our new applicant daily digest synthesizes all your applicants from the past 24 hours into one concise email. You’ll see who’s applied, when, and their fit score. It’s the helpful summary that WON’T fill up your inbox.

applicant daily digest email

We’ll still send you an email immediately every time you get a Strong Fit, because you may want to look at them straight away. And you can always see every new applicant in real time by logging into your ClearFit account.

notice for new applicants when you log in

Pro tip: the blue indicator on the job icon will show you how many new applicants since your last login.

A Better Jobs List for Everyone

We wanted to make it even easier for you to sort through your jobs in ClearFit, so you can flip through all your active, draft, and expired jobs with ease.

Enter the new jobs list, with handy tabs on the left menu for everything, all in one place. We believe this makes finding the job you want to look at much more intuitive.

new jobs list

We’d love to show you everything!

There’s a lot more to show, so just fill out the form below, and one of our Hiring Coaches will get in touch to give you a complete tour for free.

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SmoothHiring’s patented technology captures your most productive employees’ winning attributes and sets them as a benchmark for new hires. It makes it easier to fill any role, on any team.

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