Testing for “Fit” — What Does It All Mean? An Overview

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Testing for Fit - What Does It All Mean - An OverviewA candidate’s qualifications and skills alone may have been what got them in the door in the past, but smart businesses today are looking beyond the resume and typical interview questions to see how well a candidate will fit a role and in some cases even the culture. Now you may be saying to yourself, “But I already ask them about what their dream job is,” or “I asked them what they do when not at work!” These questions are how some businesses try to determine whether or not a particular candidate will be a good fit, but as you’ve likely seen in your own workplace, a few pointed questions here and there in an interview on their own does little to prove a candidate’s true suitability for the job. Some people are just better cut out for a role or they’re not.

That’s why we at ClearFit use psychometric testing as the backbone of our hiring solution. It’s sophisticated science that top Fortune 500 companies have been using to successfully screen candidates and build high performing teams. We’ve made this technology available to businesses like yours in an easy-to-use and affordable way.

Psychometric testing is a simple survey which presents the same set of questions to all candidates so they can be scored and measured objectively. With psychometric testing, businesses can finally get a good objective look at a candidate, to see if they have what it really takes to perform well in the job without the embellishment and exaggeration typically found on resumes. The results are statistically based on who’s most likely to succeed, which gives you a way prioritize and organize your list of applicants so you know who you should spend time on first and gives you an additional data point from which to make the best decision.

How Do Our “Fit” Tests Work?

When a candidate applies to your job, they’ll be asked to complete a multiple choice survey featuring 146 different questions, all of which remain consistent regardless of the position that an individual may be applying for. Once the test is complete, the hiring manager will then be provided with a unique Fingerprint® for that candidate that stacks their personality up against twenty different personality and motivational attributes like their ability to recover from setbacks, stress tolerance, organization, etc. Companies can then see these results paired up with the required skills and experience needed for the position. If you’re really interested in the details you can look at the Fingerprint® for each candidate to dig in and see which of those twenty attributes are critical traits and how your candidates score on each one. To make it easy and save you time, we sum it all up and provide a score that will tell you whether or not a particular candidate is likely a “weak fit,” “fit,” or a “strong fit” for the job.

So Who Do You Hire?

The stronger the fit, the more likely someone is to be a successful, long-term employee who’ll be a productive team player for your company. ClearFit is designed so that you can pinpoint those strong fit and fit candidates, look over their full profile, and ultimately give them top priority when it comes to consideration for the job. Knowing who you should consider interviewing and testing won’t only save you time, but it can save you a lot of money and company resources both now and in the future.

Have a look at our articles on “Strong Fit,” “Fit,” “Weak Fit,” and “Distortion” to get a full explanation of what each of the results really means and how you can use it to better inform your hiring decision.

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