How to Read a ClearFit Profile like a Pro!

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How to read a profile

Have you been struggling to read your applicants’ ClearFit profiles? Have no fear, ClearFit is here to help!  ClearFit profiles can be tricky to begin with, but once you know what to do they’re a breeze.

Parts of a ClearFit Profile

For starters, what is a ClearFit profile? Is it just a bunch of colorful bars and squiggly lines? We promise, it’s more than that. A ClearFit profile means no more guessing games; you know exactly how a person fits your role.
ClearFit Profile
The Fingerprint
Everyone has a “unique fingerprint”, and in ClearFit it is no different. The bars (shown in green and red above) show the applicants scores on each of the attributes (more on that later).  By completing the ClearFit survey, we’re scoring them on each of those traits. The Normal range for the population is between 4-7. 0 is in the center, and 10 is on the outside.

The Attributes
Every applicant is scored on each of the 20 attributes/traits. Everyone is different, and each attritube is associated to different aptitudes you need for a job. How high those scores need to be are determined by the Constellation (more on that below). We won’t get into extreme details here about each of the traits, but that’ll be a new blog post near you soon. 🙂

One more note about Attributes of your candidates. This is not about skills, it is about how they prefer to operate. Knowing a particular system, or years of experience is definitely learned. But attributes is how that person is “built”.  Are they a leader? Are they considerate of others? These do not change over time, even with years of experience or a new degree.

The Constellation
What is that line, that looks like a star Constellation?  The Constellation is the unique fingerprint of the job you’re hiring for. It marks where the applicant’s score needs to fall for them to be successful in your role.  Every job is different on what’s required. While a Salesperson needs to be high in drive, that might not be as important in a customer service job. We’ve got thousands of constellations in our system, so you always see what makes the most sense for the job your hiring for.

Critical Traits
Those big black diamonds are what we call “Critical Traits”  They are the traits that are the most important to the role.

Red & Green Bars
The fingerprint has an effect on how the applicant’s ClearFit profile appears. The bars will appear red if an applicant’s score for the attribute is below the level required for the job. If it’s green, then they met or exceeded the requirements. This lets you see exactly where they fit the role, and where they may have a watchout.

How to read the profile

The ClearFit profile will tell you a story about your applicant. What are their strengths and weaknesses? How do they love or hate to work? It’s all there for you to see.

1- Look for the highest scores-  First, check out their strengths. Take a look at what their highest scores are, and what the highest score is overall. Even if they don’t have any really high scores, figure out the highest score in relation to the others.

You can use the highest scores to piece together their strengths. For example, if their highest score is Drive like in the image above, then they are always very driven to succeed in everything they do. This is a natural part of who they are.

How can you apply this info to your job? Well if they’re driven, they will be constantly striving for success if you put them in the role.

2- Look for the lowest Scores: Weaknesses are much of the same. Identify the low scores, and which one is the lowest. There may not be any low scores, so figure out which one is lowest in relation to the rest.  Remember these are ‘watchout’ areas.  We provide interview questions for these areas so you can probe further.

However, people may have systems in place to help them deal with their weaknesses. Someone with an Organization score way below what your role requires may be good at making detailed to-do lists to keep track of everything they need to do.

3- Look at the size of the miss- It’s natural to see a “weak fit” and throw them out with the bath water. Don’t do it!  It’s important to look at what attributes they did not meet, and the size of the miss. For example, they might not meet 5 scores, but they could have just missed the target.

In the case of the profile above, the applicant only just missed the target for three of the attributes (the red bars), so they’re still worth a look.

4- Specific Traits  Tips- We will get into a lot more details about each trait in our webinar, and what stories they tell.  Here are some quick tips for now.

Also, make sure to look at the profile as a whole. Note any patterns that may give insight into the applicant. For example, if they have high Drive, Influencing Others, Recovery from Setbacks and Service Orientation, then they’re obviously well suited for a sales job. If they have high Consideration for Others, Interest in People and Stress Tolerance, they’d probably work well in a job helping others. These patterns let you see first hand the person’s overall fit, or lack of, for yourself.

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