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ClearFit already makes it super easy to instantly identify which applicants have what it takes to succeed. In fact, ClearFit is proven to be five times more effective at predicting job success than traditional hiring – yea!

But from time to time there are certain roles where having specific skills or experience is an important factor in your hiring decision. In those cases, you want the applicants that are not only a fit, but also have the critical skills and experience you need to be at the top of your list.

Well now you can, with our new resume keyword tool!

Promoting candidates with relevant experience to the top of your list

In addition to our existing personality and skills questions, the resume keyword feature allows you to evaluate applicants based on specific keywords found in their resume. This means that applicants who are a fit and also have the selected keywords in their resume will rank higher in your results. That gets them to the top of your list and can save you hours scouring through hundreds of resumes.

How the resume keyword tool works

When you’re creating your job, you’ll now see a section called “Keywords” on the Job Details page. We’ve pre-populated it with a list of keywords relevant to the job (since we have thousands of jobs in our system, this took a while!). You can also add or remove keywords to your heart’s content.

Tip: If it is an entry level job or a role where specific skills or experience are not required, we recommend removing all keywords to get a pure read on which

applicants are a best overall fit for the role.

Resume keyword tool Keywords

Now when candidates apply, ClearFit will identify who’s a great fit and then move those applicants that also have the chosen keywords up on your list so you can find the right person faster.

On the baseball card of each applicant, you’ll see if they have a strong or weak resume at a glance.

keyword tool Baseball Card

Something really cool is that at any time in the hiring process, you can modify the keywords by editing your job. This instantly reevaluates all applicants based on the keywords you change!

How to use the resume keyword tool for best results

At ClearFit, our mission is to help you get the right people into the right roles quickly and easily. In many cases, specific skills or experience are not the best indicators of fit – in fact, they are often the cause of bad hiring decisions. That said, sometimes you need to bring in someone with skills or experience in hand. The resume keyword tool can be a huge advantage in those cases and will help you get to those applicants much faster.


What do you think?

We hope that it makes finding the right people to interview even easier!

We’d love to know what you think…feel free to email us with feedback(kim AT clearfit dot com), or tell us your product ideas at

What’s next?

In the next month you’ll see a great new feature in your dashboard called ratings. You’ll be able to rate candidates you like and sort by your rating. We’d rate this feature a five star, but we may be a bit biased ;).

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