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We took a completely fresh look at how to make hiring even faster and easier, and we’re super excited about the results! Check out the video below to get the highlights, then keep reading for all the details.

Easily Organize All Your Jobs

The first thing you’ll notice when you log in is our new and improved dashboard.

If you hire for lots of roles, it can get pretty confusing to keep track of everything. So we totally revamped the dashboard to put your active jobs front and center. You can sort them by name or by hiring date.


Your expired and draft jobs are also easily accessible but kept separate so you can focus on the roles that you’re hiring for right now.


See Job Performance at a Glance

The new jobs list also lets you easily take a “sneak peak” at any job without having to leave the page.

Click on any job to instantly see the number of applicants by fit type and then quickly access all the job-management tools.


Make an Applicant Shortlist in Seconds

Gone are the days of flipping through stacks of resumes! ClearFit lets you easily filter your applicants by fit type so you can zero in on those who have the experience, qualifications, and personality you’re looking for.


Start with the best fits then work your way down to build a shortlist of people to follow up with. Then go enjoy all the hours you’ve saved!


Use “Baseball Cards” to Build Your Dream Team

Employers told us they wanted an easy way to quickly see the most important information about an applicant without having to read a whole resume. So we built Applicant Baseball Cards.

Click on any applicant to open their card. You’ll see key stats like qualifications, personality fingerprint, and more — all in a single view!


You can instantly see whether someone meets your requirements, and only then do you need to view their full profile.

Deep Dive into Powerful Profiles

Now you can quickly learn more about your applicants with amazing new profile pages.

Easily view details about the applicant’s personality, interest, and work motivations, and access their full resume. You can also save, share, and print the full PDF report, including personalized interview questions.



Keep Track of Everything with Hiring Stages

Say goodbye to sticky notes! Now you can effortlessly categorize all your applicants to keep track of who you’ve called, who you’ve interviewed, and who you still need to follow up with. Seeing all the applicants in every stage is a snap, so you’ll never need to take notes or keep a complicated spreadsheet to manage your hiring.



Share Comments within Your Team

Our new commenting functionality lets you leave notes about applicants, visible either from the baseball card or full profile view. This way you can easily share notes with your team to hire collaboratively, or just remind yourself what you liked or didn’t like about an applicant. No need to re-read the resume!


And so much more…

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. We’ve added lots more features like:

    • Easily copy a job you’ve created in the past when creating a new job
    • Entice applicants to apply for your job by customizing the invite message ClearFit sends on your behalf
    • When you download the PDF report, the file is now named after the applicant, not a number!

We’d love to show you everything!

Truth be told, there’s so many cool things in this release that no blog post could do it justice. So just fill out the form below, and one of our Hiring Coaches will get in touch to give you a complete tour for free.

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