Introducing Job Specific Search & Filtering on Ratings!

Introducing Job Specific Search & Filtering on Ratings!


Here are two brand new features that will make you and your applicant list best of friends.

Searching in a specific job

First, gone are the days where using our Search function would bring up results from all of your jobs… even if you didn’t want to. From now on if you go into a particular job’s applicant list and wish to search within that job, check the box that reads “Only search this job” and voila(!), your results will only include those applicants.


Note that if you have multiple people using the same account, users will only be able to search within their own jobs.

Filter based on rankings

What if you only wanted to see those applicants that you ranked as four and five stars? Our second feature allows you to do just that! Head to the filters on the left hand side of your applicant list, select the rankings you would like to see, and you will filter out all the applicants that weren’t assigned those rankings. Click on the filters you selected again to cancel them.


I hope that these new features make your life easier and allow you to use your applicant list just as you’d like!

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