How to Interview Like a Pro (a Guide for Employers)

How to Interview Like a Pro (a Guide for Employers)

How to Interview Like a ProInterviews can be tough — not just for candidates, but for employers too! They tend to be long and time-consuming, and it’s easy to ask the wrong questions.

Fortunately, we give you personalized interview questions to make interviewing easy and productive. And in this post, we’ll show you how to make the most of them…

Preparing for the Interview

It’s not just the applicant who should prepare for the interview! Make sure to do your homework as well, so that you get the most out of it.

Some tips include:

  • Understand the job description thoroughly.
  • Know which skills are critical to getting the job done well.
  • Focus questions/probing on areas that directly affect the job.
  • Do not oversell the position or the company.
  • Have a pen and paper or your laptop to list out the questions you plan to ask in advance for the specific job and write down the answers so you don’t miss anything and can compare applicants later.

You can also read more general interview tips in our article on effective interviewing.

The Interview Questions

We provide personalized behavioral interview questions in every Applicant Results Report. These questions are based specifically around your unique job and your applicant’s unique scores.

For example:
ClearFit_Sample Interview Questions
It’s often hard to detect certain things in an interview because most people prepare really, really well for them. So, the personalized questions are designed to help you explore the most important areas to learn more about your applicants.

Sample Responses

For every question, we’ve even included some example Weak Responses and Strong Responses to look out for.

Then based on the candidate’s (in this case, “Chris’s”) responses to your questions, you can score him or her using the scoring scale at the bottom of each interview question page.

ClearFit_Interview Answers Rating Scale
Altogether, this should help you — or anyone you manage — hire like a pro!

Where to Go from Here

Now that you know how to interview like a pro, click on the following link to find out How to Read Applicant Reports.

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