Career Attributes

Career Attributes

Discover your strongest career attributes. Find out which traits to leverage to help build your career.

See what your top career attributes are in the following categories and overall out of the following:

Working with Others:

Service Orientation. The dispositions and desire to provide others such as clients, customers and co-workers the information, solutions or service they want and need.

Team Orientation. The willingness and aptitudes to work effectively with others within the formal or informal structure of teams or groups.

Independence. The interest in and enjoyment of working on one’s own without close interaction or interdependence with others.

Takes Leadership. The dispositions and aptitudes that enable and motivate one to take on successful leadership roles in a wide variety of situations

Consideration for Others. The disposition to behave in the interests of the whole group, to keep commitments and be considerate of the needs of others.

Influencing Others. The dispositions and aptitudes to influence the actions and opinions of others in a desired direction.

Work Motivation:

Drive. The inner motivation and confidence to achieve successful results and be effective in all one does.

Preference for Structure. The interest and preference for working in highly structured environments, including clear work rules and direction and organization hierarchy.

Risk Tolerance. The dispositions and willingness to risk failure in return for an opportunity to achieve a greater success.

Stress Tolerance. The aptitudes necessary to maintain a steady level of performance and energy in spite of stressful circumstances.

Interest in People. The enjoyment and motivation to work with other people.

Interest in Data. The enjoyment and motivation to work in activities that involve the analysis and handling or complex, abstract data.

Interest in Things. The enjoyment and motivation to work in activities that involve the operation, construction or repair of tools, equipment vehicles or other inanimate objects.

Manages Work:

Organization. The dispositions and aptitudes to attend to detail, organize complex information and create effective plans from that information.

Innovativeness. The aptitudes necessary to be insightful about problems and to develop new solutions, processes or strategies different from the past.

Learning and Problem Solving. The aptitudes necessary to gather information quickly and to apply it accurately to new problems, obstacles or objectives.

Manages Self:

Reliability/Consistency. The dispositions and aptitudes necessary to work dependably, to actually achieve what one said would be achieved, and to be consistent across diverse situations.

Openness to Change / Ambiguity. The dispositions to accept and adapt to change and uncertainty without resistance.

Recovery from Setbacks. The ability to sustain performance and quickly recover positive energy and motivation immediately following a negative outcome.

Self-regulating. The willingness and dispositions to acknowledge personal responsibility and accountability for one’s own work and results.

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