Profit Magazine: Rethink Your Business Like It’s Brand New

How to cut through the clutter, lose all the baggage, and rethink your business like it’s brand new

Visa’s GoBiz October 2012 Report: Hiring Made Easy – How ClearFit is Revolutionizing the Hiring Process

"Whether your business has 1 or 100 employees, it's difficult to find and keep the right people for your business."

Journal of Commerce features ClearFit for week of Aug 20th, 2012

The Journal of Commerce features ClearFit in print and online for the week of Aug 20th, 2012 [youtube itv2cue1Pv4 685 400]

Daily Commercial News: Mechanical Contractors give thumbs-up to web-based hiring tool

"The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) has given a thumbs-up to a web-based hiring tool designed to streamline the employee recruitment process."

Financial Post: Good hires are good business

"ClearFit was named one of IDC’s Ten Canadian Cloud Companies to Watch, and Ben Baldwin believes that commitment to their product was what helped land their first Fortune 500 customer."

Sprouter Blog: Building a Business on Helping Companies Hire Smarter

ClearFit founder Ben Baldwin always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, although he wasn’t always sure that this attitude was a good thing. “I’ve never really fit into the…

TribeHR Expert Insights: How to Hire for Cultural Fit

“The hiring process is broken,” says Baldwin, something which he attributes in part to human behaviour and our instinct towards choosing like-minded people. An employee with strong cultural fit is…

BizLaunch: I’m Looking for “The One”

"This may sound like the beginning of a personal ad, but when you’re hiring someone to work for your small business it’s all about finding the right person for the…

The Science of Selling — An Interview with Ben Baldwin

Why is selling a science and not an art? ClearFit's Ben Baldwin shares his view while chatting with Pathworks Personnel. How Small Businesses Compete with Big Business for the Best Hires

An webinar to discuss the beliefs and techniques that the best small businesses use to compete with big business for hires.

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