Job Posting Tips

How to Write the Best Recruitment Ads

Having the best possible ad will attract more response from quality candidates

  • Make your job easier to find in searches so that more potential candidates will view your ad. Use common job titles that candidates are looking for.
  • Be clear in the job description about duties, expectations, requirements and pay – this will attract better quality candidates.
  • Be specific in letting candidates know what you are looking for so they can determine whether they are qualified.
  • Including detailed job descriptions will help Clearfit to better target your ideal candidates based on skills, education and level of experience.

The best job descriptions include all of the following components:

About Us 1-3 sentences

  • What is a brief description of what your company does?
  • How do you stand out in your industry?
  • What sets you apart from your competitors?

Position Details 1-3 sentences

  • What is the purpose of this role?
  • What sort of projects will this person be working on?
  • What sort of products/services will they be working with?

Responsibilities 5–7 key responsibilities

  • What are this role’s main responsibilities?
  • What is this person accountable for?
  • What does this person do on a daily basis?

Qualifications 4–6 key qualifications

  • How much experience are you looking for?
  • Does this person need specific experience in this industry, or can they have general experience in this role?
  • What sort of training/education would be ideal for this candidate?
  • Are there certain duties that they absolutely need experience doing?
  • Are you willing to accept someone with less experience and train them?

Compensation/Why Work for Us

  • What sort of wages/benefits do you offer?
  • Why would someone want to work for you?
  • What makes you a good employer?
  • Why do your current employees like working for you?
  • How would you describe your work culture?
  • If advertising in another location: Do you offer relocation assistance?
  • Why should someone leave their current employment to work for your organization?

Other Details

  • Are there any other requirements for this position?
  • Is this full time or part time?
  • Is this permanent or contract?
  • Transportation – are you on a bus route?
  • Do you require candidates to possess their own equipment or tools? (Computers, cell phones, vehicles, tools)
  • Is there anything specifific about the application process that candidates need to know? Do you require the resume in Word format? A cover letter? Salary expectations?
By including all applicable information in your job descriptions you will provide enough information to interest and entice the right candidates to apply for your positions.

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