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Don't just post jobs; make them unmissable! With SmoothHiring, your job posting reaches millions effortlessly. Here's why our job distribution service is key to maximum exposure:

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Increase the number of candidates applying for your job

Post to 200+ Job Boards with a Click.

Reach Candidates everywhere: Instantly reach applicants across 200+ job boards. This multi-channel approach guarantees maximum exposure to diverse talent pools, leading to an influx of candidates.

Automatically Post to Top Job boards: Automatically post jobs on premier job boards like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and CareerBuilder. Prioritize your job postings with our sponsorship feature for maximum exposure. Expand your reach to millions of potential candidates.


Simplified Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing

Easily share your job listings across all your social media platforms, reaching a broader audience effortlessly with SmoothHiring social sharing feature. Optimize applicant reach and discover top-tier candidates. Share your jobs on your social channels like Meta, Instagram, Twitter and many more. find more potential candidates!

Job posting
Career Page with SmoothHiring

Careers Page

Automatically publish to Careers Page

Publish your jobs on a well-designed professional careers page that aligns with brand identity. No coding is required. just a few drags and drops. At SmoothHiring, we understand the significance of branding, and a well-crafted career page in attracting top talent.

Employee Referrals and Passive Candidates

Employee Referrals and Passive Candidates

Tap into Employee Networks: Utilize your company's referrals portal to encourage employee recommendations. SmoothHiring seamlessly integrates all referrals into one accessible platform.

Refined Passive Candidate Search: If you’re on the lookout for specialized skills, SmoothHiring’s passive candidate search is your go-to tool. Access rich profiles and contact information directly.

Job URL: In addition, use the Job URL to send the job to any referrals/passive applicants to Invite and Track Applicants.

Employee referrals
Job description templates

Easy Job Creation Wizard

1500+ Job Description Templates

Effortlessly craft and tailor job postings to your exact specifications with our advanced Job Description Wizard. Utilize new AI technology and an extensive library of job templates, our platform empowers you to swiftly generate customized job postings that resonate with top talent in your industry. Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and hello to streamlined efficiency as you create compelling job listings in record time.

Quality Applicants, Competitive Edge

      • SmoothHiring’s comprehensive job posting approach optimizes job visibility, increasing both the quantity and quality of applicants. Experience a surge in applications from skilled professionals. Choose from a rich pool of top-tier candidates.
      • Supercharge your job’s reach with a single click. SmoothHiring’s one-click job boost feature ensures that your job opening is posted across all job boards, social media channels and other referral sites. In addition, use the job URL to send the job to any referrals/passive applicants to invite and track applicants.
      • Boost your job and connect with millions of applicants with Instant Visibility.
Job creation with SmoothHiring
Create Job Easily

Create and customize job descriptions easily with our job description wizard. Benefit from people applying who understand what you need.

Automatically Post to 200+ Job Boards

SmoothHiring facilitates job posting to over 200 job boards and social media platforms and social media platforms, providing time-saving and extensive reach to millions of potential applicants.

Automatically Screen and Get the Best Candidates to the Top of the Pile

Intelligently screen applicants for deeper insights using our patented psychometric evaluation. Analyze, Rank and Sort applicants to determine best fit. Good bye to manual sorting of resumes.

Effortlessly Schedule Interviews

Effortlessly schedule interviews. Our intuitive platform coordinates availability, sends reminders, saving you time. Say goodbye to scheduling headaches!

Quickly Onboard Employees

Simplify on boarding process, setting up new hires through e- paperwork, training, and company culture integration. Say hello to smoother transitions and happier teams!

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