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How to Read Applicant Reports

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The ClearFit Applicant Report is your all-in-one hiring guide. It tells you everything you need to know about an applicant and even guides you through the interview.

In this post, we’ll go through how you can use it to find your very own star candidate for your job posting.

The Overview Page

The Overview page is a quick snapshot of an applicant. It shows you:

  • The applicant’s contact details
  • Their fit ranking
  • Whether they have the required education or certifications
  • How well they meet your skills and experience requirements

ClearFit_Applicant Report Overview Page

The Resume

Next comes the resume, where you can read about the applicant’s education and experience in detail. Resumes are still important, but they become even more meaningful when viewed along with the next section…

The Job Fingerprint®

The job fingerprint is a combination of two things:

  • A Sucess Profile of personality traits, based on top performers in a role. This Success Profile is represented by the dots and stars connected by a line.
  • An applicant’s scores, measured by our Predictive Application Process. The applicant’s scores are the bars — the bigger the bar, the higher the score.

ClearFit_Job Fit Explanation

When you combine these two elements, you have a single picture that shows you just how well an applicant fits your job.

An applicant’s bars are green when they are within a target range, and red when they miss it. These red areas are not necessarily non-starters, but rather, you should just be sure to probe them more deeply in the interview if you end up interviewing that candidate.

The Interview Questions

We’ve even given you personalized interview questions, but we’ll explain these in our “How to Interview Like a Pro” post.

In Summary

Use the Applicant Report to help you prioritize your list of applicants. And don’t forget to print it out and bring it along to help guide you through each interview.

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