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What to Why - The Fundamental Shift in the Way Leaders Build High-Performing Teams

Building a world-class team is an information game… This is how you win.

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Praise for What to Why

Keen insight into how leaders can build high-performing teams the right way, without wasting time or resources fitting square pegs into round holes.

Brian Cotton Global Vice President, Frost & Sullivan

I would strongly recommend this book for any leader who wants to learn how to create a world-class team. I will be taking it back to my organization immediately.

Shirley Porjes MBA CFO, Finance and Administration, Western Plastics

What to Why will change how you think about creating a world-class team.

Anna Carney Partner, Innovative HR

In 20 minutes What to Why will guide you on transforming the way you approach your most strategic hires.

Allan Kates COO, BA’s Real Estate Management

What to Why is an insightful read and provides leaders with a complementary solution for finding the right people for their teams in today’s talent marketplace.

Peter Gilfillan Senior Vice President and General Manager, Canada at Monster Worldwide