ClearFit Named Most Innovative Cloud-Based Recruitment Solution

Today, we’re breaking that cardinal rule that what happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas. And we hope you’ll forgive us for this little breach. And that’s because, last night on October 15, 2015, ClearFit was named Most Innovative Cloud-Based Solution at the Recruiting Service Innovation (ReSI) Awards in Las Vegas during the annual gala awards ceremony.


Earlier in the year a Fortune magazine article featured ClearFit as a major innovator shaping the future of how people and organizations come together. And so it’s a thrill for all of us here at ClearFit to be recognized again for our innovation.

The award is timely as well, given the recent release of What to Why, the 20-minute book by Jamie Schneiderman, ClearFit’s founder and CEO, on the innovation that is fueling a fundamental shift in the way leaders build high-performing teams.

As Jamie reveals in What to Why, every company has a tremendous amount of data on the skills, experience, education, performance, and results of their people and candidates. This category of data is known as WHAT data, because it is based on what people do and what they have done. Most organizations rely on WHAT data to make decisions about people—who to hire, train, promote, or let go. The problem with a reliance on WHAT data is that it is limited and doesn’t enable optimal decisions, resulting in high rates of hiring mistakes, low engagement on the job, high turnover rates, and underperforming teams.

Decisions about people can be vastly improved when organizations incorporate another category of data called WHY data. WHY data provides insights into who people are, what jobs they are built to enjoy and excel at, and why they perform at the level they do. ClearFit is the leader in providing WHY data and has worked with thousands of organizations to improve their decisions about people.

Discover more about this shift to WHY data and how leaders have begun to embrace it to build world-class teams by reading What to Why, which you can download free here.