Section Attribute Definition
Works with Others Service Orientation A natural desire to help others.
Leadership Seeks opportunities to lead in a wide variety of situations.
Team Orientation The desire to collaborate with others in a team.
Consensus Driven
(Old Name: Consideration for Others)
Takes into consideration the impact of decisions on others.
Independence Preference to think and work independently.
Influencing Others The natural aptitude to influence the opinions and actions of others.
Manages Self Consistency
(old name: Self Regulating)
The ability to concentrate on the same task for extended periods of time.
Stress Tolerance The ability to maintain performance and energy levels even under stress.
Recovery from Setbacks How quickly one bounces back from negative situations or news.
Openness to Change How easily one adapts when things change or are unclear.
(old name: Reliability and Consistency)
The preference to deliver as requested, and meet deadlines.
Manages Work Learning & Problem Solving The natural ability to gather information quickly and use it to solve problems and tackle obstacles.
Innovativeness The desire to develop new ideas and new ways of thinking.
Organization How naturally and consistently one is able to stay organized in all areas.
Work Motivation Drive Inner motivation to achieve results.
Preference for Structure Preference for working with clear objectives, rules, and reporting structures.
Risk Tolerance Willingness to risk failure for a chance of greater success.
Interest in People The desire to work in activities that involve regular interactions with others.
Interest in Data The desire to work with and analyze data.
Interest in Things An interest in knowing exactly how things work and/or in making things.
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