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Consistently finding top performing sales people is your biggest challenge. You’ve tried before to find sales people who excelled at other companies, but they don’t always perform. The process was expensive, and didn’t bring the revenue increases you counted on. At the same time, your efforts to develop current sales people into top-performers don’t always pay-off. Some will have to be managed out. The remaining under-performers are a costly drag on potential growth.

Why are people decisions so hard?

An Incomplete Picture

Companies usually know who their top people are. What they don’t know is WHY. Why – despite using the same criteria for hiring, on-boarding, training and coaching – do some people outperform everyone else?

The answer to that is typically an information issue…


The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

You know WHAT your people have done. What's missing is the information about WHY they do it.

Understanding WHY requires collecting objective data on who someone is, what makes them tick, and what they’re capable of. Somebody’s WHY data tells you whether or not they are likely to succeed in a job and whether they belong in your organization.

When you have both the WHAT and WHY data on everyone in your company, you’ll be able to harness the full value of your biggest asset—your people.


How to Get the WHY Data

SmoothHiring’s patented Predictive Analytics Platform is a cloud-based software solution that can give you the missing piece to your puzzle - the WHY data of your people. Here's how:

  1. YOUR PEOPLE - We ask a series of questions that helps create a profile as accurate and as unique as a fingerprint for each person. You can have your entire company up and ready to go in fifteen minutes.
  2. ANALYZE YOUR TEAM - Access the critical WHY data of your people in the Predictive Analytics platform. Your WHY data, along with our robust and growing database of over one million people, provides rich, actionable insights into how to make your team stronger.
    • Create Custom Profiles for each key role based on your top performers
    • Instantly identify which applicants are built like your top performers
    • Each team member has a Development Report, providing insights on how to optimize their performance based on their unique WHY data profile.

See How the Power of Why Data Can Help You Solve a Tough People Challenge

Here’s your challenge:

You’re the Sales VP at a growing tech start-up with an open position on your team to fill. Two resumes sit on your desk: Chris and Bailey.

Which one is most likely to perform like your top people?

Chris and Bailey’s Resumes


It’s obviously not possible to answer this question by looking at the resumes. You’d need to bring Chris and Bailey farther along in your hiring process to learn more about both of them.

But what if you could see the WHY data on Chris and Bailey?

Reveal the WHY Data
The WHY Data on Pat and Robin

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