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Ensuring all of your locations meet the same levels of success is your biggest challenge and is dependent on finding the best store managers. Sometimes you bring in managers that are good in other roles or even other companies and they don’t pan out which creates a knock-on effect—year-over-year sales suffer, morale falls, turnover increases and talent pool development stalls. Your culture and your brand are at risk.

A Predictive Talent Aquisition Platform.

Predict Successfull Teams using Data

Why are people decisions so hard?

An Incomplete Picture

Companies usually know who their top people are. What they don’t know is WHY. Why – despite using the same criteria for hiring, on-boarding, training and coaching – do some people outperform everyone else?

The answer to that is typically an information issue…

See How the Power of Why Data Can Help You Solve a Tough People Challenge

Here’s your challenge:

You’re a Regional Manager for a high-traffic location with an open position on your team to fill. Two resumes sit on your desk: Chris and Bailey.

Which one is most likely to perform like your top people?

WHY Data

It’s obviously not possible to answer this question by looking at the resumes. You’d need to bring Chris and Bailey farther along in your hiring process to learn more about both of them.

But what if you could see the WHY data on Chris and Bailey?

Reveal the WHY Data

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