It’s an email from one of your top clients, but it’s not saying how wonderful their experience was.

It’s a complaint about someone on your team, someone who upset them, someone who didn’t deliver like your company promised.

For you, this is fortunately a rare experience, but it hurts deeply, and it makes you worry about the clients who don’t tell you about a bad experience, who instead tell everyone else and take their business elsewhere. You wish you could completely control your customer’s experience, but you know you can’t, you know that it’s up to your people to represent your company.

You know you will never get the people part perfect, but you’d like to get as close as you possibly can. If you had information that reveals who someone really is before you send them out to represent your brand…maybe you could wow your clients almost all the time.

Let us introduce you to a whole new category of information, a type of data that is creating a fundamental shift in the way leaders build high-performing teams…

Welcome to WHY data.

What is WHY data?

Most organizations are experts at collecting WHAT data — what people are doing or have done, including their current results and activities, their experience, education and past performance. But WHAT data only describes how successful someone currently is or has been. It doesn’t tell you why.

  • Current results
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Past performance

In order to consistently hire and develop more top performers, you also need objective data that reveals why they are successful in some cases and not in others: WHY data.

WHY data provides essential performance insights into the reasons your top performers outshine the rest, as well as why others on your team are struggling. It can also instantly tell you whether an applicant is built like your current top performers.

  • Why someone is performing the way they are
  • Prediction of future performance
  • Built like your top performers
  • Fit for the role

When you combine WHAT data with WHY data, you can quickly identify and hire more top performers as well as raise the overall performance of your team.

How it works.

So how do you get the WHY data and the insights you need to build the team you want?

Profile Your PeopleProfile Your People

Team members create their online 15-minute Clearfit Profile, capturing their WHY data and revealing a profile as accurate and as unique as a fingerprint.

Profile Your People

Analyze your teamAccess the critical WHY data of your people in the Predictive Analytics platform.

Access the critical WHY data of your people in the Predictive Analytics platform.

Hire BetterPeople Audit

  • Create Custom Profiles for each key role based on your top performers
  • All applicants complete the Clearfit Profile at the beginning of the application process
  • Instantly identify which applicants are built like your top performers

Manage BetterPeople Audit

  • Each team member has a Development Report, providing insights on how to optimize their performance based on their unique WHY data profile.

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