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Discover your own personal WHY insights

You can discover your own personal WHY insights by completing a free, 10-15 minute online questionnaire provided by ClearFit, called the ClearFit Survey.

After completing the survey you’ll have access to some great insights.

ClearFit acts as your personal detective. We investigate your survey answers to provide you with a personalized career report, which delves (in great detail) into your abilities and preferences.

Candidate Assessment

This report is to help you really understand yourself and your career options. We’re not magic, so we can’t sum up your entire character. We just want to help give you insight into yourself and the careers that suit you the best.

The report gives you some insight into how you work best, such as how you cope with work demands and work with others. We’ll also show you what interests you; this is important because it helps you determine what kind of jobs you’d not only be good at, but would actually enjoy doing.

Career Finder

Career Finder

There are thousands of jobs out there, and it can feel impossible to find the one that’s right for you. Whether you’re fresh out of school, have been in the same role for years or have experimented with different jobs, we can help. Ever wondered if you’d be better as a doctor than your current role? Explore using the fun career finder.


Career Attributes

Career Attributes

ClearFit can help you gain insight into what makes you tick. We show you your top personality traits, so you know the strengths you can bring to any role you choose.

You’ll be able to access a list of 20 personal attributes, ranging from Team Orientation to Innovativeness. We also specify how each attribute relates to you; we show you the ones you excel in, and how you can translate them into a tool to help you succeed in the workforce.

This brings you one step closer to really knowing yourself and what you bring to the table.

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Learn how to discover the WHY insights for your team

The best way to learn more is through a 10-15 minute call with someone from ClearFit, who will educate you on the process that leaders are following to gather and apply the WHY insights for their team.

To help us schedule a call with you, please fill out the form below, and someone from ClearFit will reach out to you shortly.

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