New Feature: Multi-user access

New Feature: Multi-user access

Today we’re introducing multi-user access, which makes it super easy to share your ClearFit account with people across your company.

Want a quick overview? Check out the video. Then head down below for the nuts and bolts.

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Welcome to a Multi-User World

Once upon a time, each ClearFit account had only one login. So if you created an account and then wanted to give access to anyone else in the company, you needed to share your username and password.

That was a bummer, because maybe you didn’t want those people to see EVERYTHING in your account but just some things. And if you had multiple hiring managers trying to fill multiple positions…well, things could get real messy.

Multi-user access makes those problems go away. ClearFit accounts can now have many users attached to them, each with their own login and level of access. Here’s how it works:

Adding New Users to Your Account

From your ClearFit account, click on “Settings” in the top menu, then select “Access Levels” from the left side.

how to access settings for multi-user access

From this screen, you can see all the users that have access to your account, edit their level of access, and add and remove them.

see all the users in your account

Adding a new user is really easy.

adding a new user to your clearfit account

Once you add them, they’ll get an email invitation to set their own password, and then they can log in to ClearFit and get started.

Different Access Levels for Different Folks

What your different users can do depends on what access level they have. Here’s a run-down on the five different access levels:

Role Name Create Jobs Assign Jobs View Jobs Comment on Jobs Change Account Info Add New Users
Owner* Y All All All Y Y
Administrator Y All All All N N
Recruiter Y Only jobs they’ve created Only jobs they’ve created or been assigned Only jobs they’ve created or been assigned N N
Hiring Manager N N Only jobs they’ve been assigned Only jobs they’ve been assigned N N
Observer N N All All N N

*A few notes on the Owner Role: the Owner is the user who created the account. They are special so there can only be ONE Owner (you can’t assign other users to be an Owner) and they can’t be deleted.

Assigning a Job to Someone Else

Each job now has a specific user assigned to it as the Hiring Manager.

select the hiring manager assigned to the job

Recruiters or Hiring Managers can ONLY see jobs they’re assigned to, and the assigned user is also the person who gets the email notifications when candidates apply.

You can assign someone to a job when you’re creating it using our handy-dandy Job Description Wizard, and change the assigned Hiring Manager any time by editing the job.

Ways You Can Use Multi-User Access

From chatting with our customers, we know every company has a unique hiring process, and that’s why we tried hard to make multi-user access really flexible.

Here’s just a few of the scenarios that are now possible:

  • Invite your whole interviewing team so they can post comments, keeping all your feedback centralized inside ClearFit
  • Give each of your hiring managers their own account to manage the hires for their team
  • Give your support staff access so they can create jobs and assign them to hiring managers
  • Give your external recruiters their own login so they can manage jobs for you right in ClearFit
  • and tons more!

How would you set up ClearFit in a multi-user world?

Do you have multiple people involved in hiring? How would you use this feature? Are there any roles we missed? Let us know in the comments or shoot us an email.

We’d love to show you everything!

One of our Hiring Coaches can help you get all your users set up in ClearFit straight away. Just fill out the form below, and someone will get in touch.

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