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No more struggling to get the job description right. We’ll get you one that's time tested to generate the best applicants for the role.

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Get your job in front of the largest audience and save hours of tedious work managing logins and listings on multiple sites.

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All applicants are neatly organized in your SmoothHiring account. Say goodbye to opening, printing, and sorting through hundreds of emails and resumes.

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Our patented technology will take your job requirements and our fit survey and instantly identify which candidates have what it takes to succeed.

Perfect for 1000’s of roles, here are a few:

  • Executive chef
  • Chef
  • Cook
  • Sushi chef
  • Sous chef
  • Line chef
  • Baker
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Office manager
  • Sales associate
  • Sales representative
  • ...and thousands of other roles
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