How It Works

How It Works
Clone Your Top Employees

How SmoothHiring Makes Hiring the Right People Painless

  • Easy Job Description Creation

    No matter what role you’re looking to fill, with the SmoothHiring Job Description Wizard you’ll have a job description proven to perform and ready to go in less than five minutes.

  • One Click Job Posting

    No matter where your candidates are searching, SmoothHiring will find them. Your job will be posted on SmoothHiring’s network of top job boards. All with one click, and for less than it would cost to purchase the listing on your own.

  • Watch the Candidates Roll In

    As candidates apply to your job they’ll complete our 12 to 15 minute survey that allows the SmoothHiring magic to happen. All applications are then organized in your SmoothHiring account where you can sort them by best fit, application date, or candidate name.

  • Instantly Identify Top Candidates

    Stop piling through stacks of resumes. SmoothHiring’s patented job-fit technology will instantly identify which applicants are most likely to succeed. It’s proven to be 5X more effective at predicting success than traditional hiring – and it’s super easy.

  • Do It Again

    Keep your job running if you need to continually hire for that role, or add additional jobs to fill other open positions you might have. In all cases SmoothHiring will make hiring employees that succeed fast and easy.

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