Clone Your Top Employees

How It Works
Clone Your Top Employees

Clone Your Top Employees with SmoothHiring

When you know what makes your stars shine, it's remarkably easy to
identify people that are built the same way.

If you've ever found yourself saying "I wish I had more Donalds (or Carols or Steves or Jeffs)" when you were looking at building your best possible team or even your company, you're not alone.

SmoothHiring's patented predictive job matching software allows you to identify the attributes of your most productive and top performing employees in any role, on any team, and use this benchmark data to hire more employees that share these winning attributes.

SmoothHiring is particularly
effective for:

  • Sales and customer service/support roles
  • Organizations with a high orientation around culture and fit
  • Companies experiencing accelerated employee growth and demands
Heather Gingerich, Director of Employee, Community Engagement at Peoplecare Inc.

"SmoothHiring has almost become part of our culture."

Heather Gingerich, Director of Employee, Community Engagement at peopleCare Inc.

Why SmoothHiring works

  • It's built on the truth

    The data comes from your own
    top performers.

  • Nobody gets overlooked

    Every applicant is scored so you never miss a star in the stack.

  • Fit matters

    More top performers = stronger results and a stronger company.

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top performers shine?

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