Clearfit is reinventing the way companies build world-class teams

It’s the first platform that answers all the toughest questions about your people

A one of a kind self-serve platform providing objective insights and predictive data to build outstanding teams and productive organizations.

Understand your people. Gain actionable insights. Make better decisions.

Real-time Insights. Available at your Fingertips

Gain %100 objective insights about your biggest asset-your people. Access information quickly about WHY your people perform the way they do, and from any device.

A Single View with YOU as the Expert

Our self-serve web based platform is so intuitive, providing direct insights, that there isn’t a need to call an external expert or consultant to understand the inner workings of your team.

Up and Running in only 15 Minutes

Have your entire organization up and running with Clearfit in as little as 15 minutes. A single survey that’s intuitive, accessible and highly accurate.

We can profile your team in as little as 15 Minutes. Let us prove it: Request A Demo

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

You know WHAT your people have done. What’s missing is the information about WHY they do it. Understanding WHY requires collecting objective data on who someone is, what makes them tick, and what they’re capable of. Understanding WHY tells you whether or not someone is likely to succeed in a job and whether they belong in your organization.

Watch our 3 minute product video to learn how Clearfit can help you understand WHY your people perform.

Better Decisions with the Right Insights. Anything is Possible.

Find Better Hires

Gain information on candidate strengths and weaknesses prior to the interview. Determine quickly if they’re the right fit. Increase your employee retention rates and reduce turnover.

Develop Top Performers

Figure out personality and behavioural traits of your top performers so that you can use them as benchmarks. Hire against them or identify current employees likely to succeed.

Understand Who to Promote

Use predictive data to guide your promotional decisions. Determine lateral moves with ease. Compare team member strengths and weaknesses for any role.

Organizational Changes

Learn where you need to make changes in your company. Determine who to move, who to change or who to upgrade – based on real data, not intuition.

Find Perfect Career Paths

Determine the perfect career path for an employee and the types of roles they will excel in.

Create Outstanding Company Culture

With the right insights, you’ll have the right people in your organization. Your culture will start to resemble that of all your top performers. And your people will be happy.

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