Getting Started with the Job Description Wizard

Getting Started with the Job Description Wizard

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Generate a job description for any position in 5 minutes — FREE

Our Job Description Wizard will create a customized job posting for you. Post it on your own website for FREE or choose a package and we’ll advertise it on all the top job boards (for less than the cost of a single job posting). Just sign up to get started – no credit card required.

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Or to learn more about the process behind creating a great job description, check out these related posts on the Anatomy of a Great Job Description and Getting to a Great Job Description, or download our Sample Job Description Template for free.

Instantly Identify Winning Attributes Among Applicants

SmoothHiring’s patented technology captures your most productive employees’ winning attributes and sets them as a benchmark for new hires. It makes it easier to fill any role, on any team.

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