Full Service Recruiting

Full Service Recruiting

Why Clearfit Full Service Recruiting is BETTER

Our promise:

  • To complete the deepest search
  • To Forward you only the best candidates
  • To always set realistic expectations
  • To always keep you informed

We invest in better Processes, People, Candidate Database Access and Technology

We invest in having access to the largest candidate and resume databases, technology, recruiting tools and processes. The ongoing training of our recruiters leads to better recruiting and allows us to find the most qualified candidates.

Key Factors:

  • Team Approach How do you stand out in your industry?
  • Access to major candidate and resume databases
  • Over 2,000,000 Candidates in our database
  • Local, Regional, National and International Searches

Recruiting Team:

Every recruitment is worked on by a team of specialized recruiters for a better, deeper search

  • Lead Recruiter – The recruiter that works directly with you and understands your culture, the company and your hiring needs and wants.
  • Job Posting / Advertising/Marketing Recruitment Specialist
  • Social Media Recruitment Specialist
  • Candidate and Resume Database Recruitment Specialist
  • Head Hunter


Every Hire is Guaranteed. If for any reason the candidate Clearfit Recruiting supplied is terminated or quits for any reason within the first 90 days of employment, Clearfit will do a re-hire for the same position at no additional charge.


You need the best candidate and you want them now. Our goal is to bring 3 top qualified candidates to you within 7 business days. It can’t always be done, but we strive to do it.


Recruitment is a laborious task. With our technology, propriety recruiter tools, in depth reach and highly trained recruiters, we have been able to streamline the process and lower fees.

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