Now purchase multiple ClearFit bundles and save

Now purchase multiple ClearFit bundles and save

Starting today, ClearFit now offers the ability to purchase multiple Hiring Bundles in one transaction and use them any time.

This feature can save you lots of time, since all you need to do to start hiring is push a button and use one of your prepaid credits. You can also save money by purchasing multiple hires at once.

How It Works

  1. Talk to your Hiring Coach about your hiring plans. (If you don’t have a Hiring Coach, not to worry; you’ll get one when you sign up.)
  2. Your coach will put together a customized package based on your needs and send you an invoice.
  3. Pay in one lump sum, by credit card or cheque.
  4. Credits for your bundles appear in your ClearFit account.
  5. Instead of buying a new bundle, just use your credits when you need to hire.


Another reason we created this feature is that many customers told us they preferred to be invoiced for multiple hires instead of paying for each hire separately, as it created less work for their accounting team. So let your accountant/finance person know about this option — they might take you out for lunch!

That’s it for now. Let us know in the comments what you think! Would buying multiple Hiring Bundles at once be useful for you?

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